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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] Report II: from Medellin - Cyber ghosts? - The Human touch of CALL - more

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  • Michael Coghlan
    Just bravo Daf. Brilliant. Well done! And thanks for sharing this - warms the soul it does. - Michael.
    Message 1 of 13 , Nov 1, 2004
      Just bravo Daf. Brilliant. Well done! And thanks for sharing this - warms
      the soul it does.

      - Michael.

      At 04:04 PM 11/1/2004, you wrote:

      >Dear All,
      >Since the conference was over yesterday I had not had the chance to
      >connect to Internet to give you a final report on the event, after the
      >successful beginning with the 3 workshops on Friday.
      >My plenary was to be one day before Halloween, and one ghost seems to have
      >been around me. In my previous report, I mentioned how the CD I brought
      >from Caracas with my PPT could not be recognized by any computer here, and
      >that I asked Arnold to send me a copy to my e-mail box, and it was saved
      >on a CD, and tried on Friday morning. Well, on Saturday morning before my
      >plenary, while trying to copy the ppt from the CD to the laptop on the
      >stage (podium), we found, to everybody's surprise that the PPT had
      >vanished from the CD. No answer to that mystery. Again, the PPT attached
      >to e-mail saved my life :-)
      >The plenary: Yes, the plenary was in Spanish, Teresa (I will make the ppt
      >available as soon as I go back to Caracas). I started a bit nervous.
      >Talking in front of more than 400 people is not easy. But as soon as I
      >started to speak, I realized I was getting people's attention, and the
      >rest came easy and in an spontaneous way anding from the podium to be
      >closer to the audience. After finishing with the PPT, I showed the
      >audience the collage, and explained its meaning, emphasizing that this was
      >a real symbol of all I had been talking about. You cannot imagine how I
      >felt when,at that moment, the whole auditorium started to applaud. Which
      >they did again after I finished talking. As I got off the podium, people
      >started to come to me to make comments, congratulate me, ask questions
      >about webheads, etc. Three of the comments that I still remember very clearly:
      >"you put the human touch to CALL in this conference" "you have given us
      >hope, you have shown us it can be done, and we can also do it" "your
      >presentations did not finish when we left the room, you have opened a
      >door, the beginning of a process"
      >Well, those Webheads who were with me Saturday afternoon, know how the 2
      >workshops were full house. 2 and 3 people for each computer (I had 27).
      >Many webheads online to help me too, and needless to say that without them
      >this event would not have been what it was. Showing my audience that all
      >what I had said was a reality, seeing, talking, listening to people
      >located in so many different places and at so many different hours, ready
      >to talk to them, is something that touches people, and you guys did that,
      >you touched my audience.
      >Let's see if I can remember all those present on Saturday (I was really
      >tired and trying to do my best with the rest of the energy I had left to
      >deal with a room full of people), so if miss someone, please accept
      >my apologies. I remember Teresa, Sus, Elizabeth, Maria Irene, Bee, Rita,
      >Maria Jordano, Chris Jones, Wendy, Rick, Agata, Jean Michel (who spoke in
      >French with an ex-student of his present in the room)
      >It is almost impossible to summarize all the things that happened when you
      >guys were there for me, and I was dealing with the participants in the
      >room. So, I will just say that this was an exciting experience which has
      >contributed to make more teachers aware that they can be helped to learn
      >how to use technology with their students. In this case, this is very
      >important because most of these teachers were coming from public schools
      >(sent by the Ministry of Education) and from the elementary and high
      >school levels.
      >Well, but this is not all I have to tell you. On Sunday, when I was just
      >waking up, I had a phone call. It was Maria Rendon (Webhead from Cali) who
      >had traveled 9 hours by bus (all night) to be with me here in Medellin
      >even though she knew I was going out with the organizers of the congress
      >who had prepared a tour for all presenters. Well, the organizers, when
      >they learned about this, invited Maria to come with us on the tour. So,
      >Maria and I were together today, we had a great time, and she managed to
      >integrate with the whole group with her nice and warm personality. As
      >usual, there will be pictures from this f2f encounter with Maria.
      >I cannot finish this report without saying that Tom's and Susan Gaer's
      >plenaries (webheads too) were also favorites as well as their workshops
      >(full house)
      >Now, I need to go to bed because tomorrow (I mean today) I am flying back
      >to Caracas.
      >Thanks again, you are wonderful :-)
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