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  • Dr Elizabeth Hanson-Smith
    John-- I think this doesn t work with a Mac on Mozilla. And I don t have a Webcam that works with my husband s PC. Anyone else try it? Looks like it might
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2004
      I think this doesn't work with a Mac on Mozilla. And I
      don't have a Webcam that works with my husband's PC.
      Anyone else try it?
      Looks like it might take--it's basically just
      attaching a file to an e-mail, I think. You'd
      probably have to have your e-mail set up to receive
      HTML, rather than text only.
      I suspect it will generate a lot of spam, both for
      the recipient and for the sender if you use your own
      If anyone learns more, I'd be interested.

      Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 03:29:14 -0700
      From: John Hibbs <hibbs@...>
      Subject: Video Mail


      A smart guy here in Eugene wants me to sound out as
      many of you as
      possible with respect to a 'video postcard' thingie.

      With or without a cam (on your computer - camcorder?),
      from both Mac
      and Windows platforms, in IE and Netscape, you should
      be able to view
      this "postcard"


      If that appeals to you at all, I'm told that anyone
      with a cam
      (camcorder?), on a Windows machine, can send a video
      recording in

      I'd like your reaction. The URL to get send make this
      happen is here:


      NOTE: The instructions are crummy - you don't need to
      register if you
      don't want. The guy assures me of privacy. But you can
      also just
      follow these steps to test the video capability:

      1. Visit:

      2. Enter the following:

      Email address - milcom2004

      Password - freedom

      3. Click the: LOGIN button

      4. Click the link that reads:
      Click here if you want to send a video postcard

      5. Next: Record your Video and review

      6. Next: Send your Video Postcard

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