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Re: [TESLCA-L] EFL for blind students

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  • Buthaina
    Hi Vance, Here is the URL of Chee s, RealTeachers.org, site with his contact info: http://www.realteachers.org/tutorial/consult.htm Vance, you or Mike might
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 2, 2004
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      Hi Vance,

      Here is the URL of Chee's, RealTeachers.org, site with his contact


      Vance, you or Mike might also want to contact George Buys, as John
      said. He gave a talk, together with Norm Coombs, and Marisal Miranda
      at the last Mentor/Tutor eConference on the topic: "On-Line
      Mentoring of the Disabled".

      The following is a pasted short description about them that I've
      copied from the Tutur/Mentor eConference schedule page:

      Norm and George are both blind and have extensive credentials and
      experience in overcoming their handicaps and being productive
      examples to others of how technology is a great equalizer for anyone
      motivated enough to move toward self sufficiency.

      Norm Coombs, Lake Forest, CA http://www.rit.edu/~easi/ along with
      Marisol Miranda who is located in Queretaro, Mexico

      You can actually find their webcasted session listed by Andy, on the
      econference webcast archives page, at this URL:

      http://www.alado.net/econference (During this great session they
      showed and talked about many useful online technologies for blind
      people, and other related matters and experiences).

      Also, Daniel F. Bassill, President and Founder of Cabrini
      Connections (http://www.cabriniconnections.net) and the Tutor/Mentor
      Connection (http://www.tutormentorconnection.org and
      http://www.tutormentorexchange.net), might be able to help, as well.

      I am sorry that I don't have their contact info with me, now, as I'm
      still on vacation; however, I can provide them when I return home in
      a week or so.

      I hope this helps,

      Best regards,


      --- In evonline2002_webheads@yahoogroups.com, vstevens
      <vstevens@e...> wrote:
      > Hi Mark,
      > On a couple of occasions over the past year or so, we have
      encountered blind
      > participants in the voice chats in which Webheads have
      > I recall that in the last Global Learn Day
      http://bfranklin.edu/gld/ there
      > was at least one blind participant and I believe he or she was
      introduced by
      > Andy Pinchon, http://www.alado.net, who provided the Talking
      > chatroom for the GLD event.
      > There is also an ESL teacher named Chee in Houston Texas who has a
      > Communities voice chat, and he also has blind participants.
      Unfortunately I
      > don't recall his URL.
      > I'm cc'ing this to Webheads in Action
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evonline2002_webheads
      > Someone there might have Chee's URL. You might consider joining
      that group
      > and continuing this discussion there (all are welcome).
      > Vance
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      > Sent: Monday, August 30, 2004 10:46 PM
      > Subject: [TESLCA-L] EFL for blind students
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      > I sometimes receive queries from blind students around the world
      who want to
      > improve their English.
      > It seems to me that the technology is available these days to
      > blind people who want to study in their own countries using the
      internet. Is
      > anyone aware of EFL online resources or programmes which are
      > well-suited to blind people? I imagine that not all "distance
      > programmes are equal in this regard.
      > Also, are there any special resouces or schools out there that
      are "centres
      > of excellence" for teaching English to the blind?
      > Regards
      > Mark Chandler
      > UK Student Life: http://www.ukstudentlife.com
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