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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] appi 2004 report

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  • vstevens
    Hi all, I just came across this while posting Teresa s and Joao s comments on our latest chat logs page. Vance, at the end of the session you said that you
    Message 1 of 5 , May 2, 2004
      Hi all,

      I just came across this while posting Teresa's and Joao's comments on our
      latest chat logs page.

      "Vance, at the end of the session you said that you didn't understand why
      everybody was in such a rush to leave. Speaking for myself, I had a one hour
      session and had to free the room for the next presenter. I would have
      continued, believe me! :-) "

      Woops, I didn't realize I'd been overheard in Portugal. In a way the comment
      was meant to be tongue in cheek but as such comments go, there was also some
      truth in it. Webheads events are so unique as to be beyond many's ability
      to appreciate them. It seems easy for us, we do it so often, but it really
      is a huge feat to pull together so many people online and on site and get
      them together and communicating and then ... well exigencies of conference
      schedules are paramount in such cases. Of course we understand. I'm sure
      we all could have continued as we were just warming up to each other.
      Hopefully appetites will be whetted for more, and then there will be another

      Tonight's 'usual' session at noon GMT at Tapped In was superb, esp. as we
      mostly ended up in Learning Times and really came to grips with the Ins and
      Outs of it. Great thanks to Elder Bob for his insights and for finding John
      W to delay his Sunday breakfast to walk us through some of the finer points.
      It was a session so enjoyable that, like the Portugal event, no one wanted
      it to end. But in this session we had no 'next session' to run us off so it
      went on till almost 4 p.m. GMT. Here is my writeup on the chatlogs page:

      "The chat tonight was particularly interesting. It was meant to be a repeat
      of our April 22, 2004 session for the benefit of Petroleum Institute
      colleagues who were otherwise occupied on that weekend day. It was
      requested by a colleague named Marc who told me to go ahead with it after
      organizing an audience. However none of the audience showed up
      except for Marc so it was just he and I and a couple dozen Webheads who
      stopped by to entertain themselves and each other, and in the process and
      incidentally Marc. Marc joined us in text chat at Tapped In and obsered us
      cranking up our
      web cams in Yahoo and stayed for the first couple of arrivals at Learning
      Times, but left just as it was starting to get good. In a session where
      Elder Bob explained quite a lot about the interface and even at one point
      summoned Jonathan W to provide more info, we learned (some things I didn't
      know) about how to share apps and desktops in LT. A particularly good trick
      involved reducing the LT tool to a corner of the screen and opening a
      browser in another, then sharing only that browser part of the desktop so
      that everyone else's whiteboard would show just the moderator's browser. We
      also learned how to grant or restrict that capability to others in the chat,
      how to wrest the mic from someone who might inadvertently leave his or hers
      on, and how to set up chats so that people would have to raise hands in
      order to request a
      turn to speak (granted at moderator control). We also managed to get quite a
      few from Tapped In into the LT chat, where they were suitably impessed. At
      one point someone in TI was watching Elizabeth's desktop in LT where my web
      cam was
      pictured and I waved and said that was me, did he see me? He did and was
      amazed.It was a great session and lasted almost 4 hours."

      Andy if you're still reading, that event you plan sounds great, a wonderful
      opportunity for Webheads not only to present but to attend for free, how
      generous. Those times you suggest, particularly "Tuesday morning at 14:30
      GMT in front of our entire audience at Daley College" are suitable for me.
      This is evening after work my time. I could be home and can access Alado
      from there. Or Learning Times, either one.

      Ok, enough for now,

    • Maria Jordano
      Thanks Tere and the others! APPI Presentation seems to have been great, as expected... Kind regards, María ===== María Jordano de la Torre Avda. Menéndez
      Message 2 of 5 , May 3, 2004
        Thanks Tere and the others!

        APPI Presentation seems to have been great, as

        Kind regards,



        Mar�a Jordano de la Torre
        Avda. Men�ndez Pidal, s/n
        14071 C�rdoba, Spain/ Tfno. +34 957 212 130

        TI Office 1915 TI2 Office MariaJ_Ofc - www.mariajordano.com

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