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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] Re: Hello and a request for help/participation from Argentina

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  • Rick Rosenberg
    Greetings, Thanks to everyone (Susanee, Arnold, Barbara, Daf, Vance and others!) who responded to my call for help and participation. I took a very much needed
    Message 1 of 10 , Apr 26, 2004

      Thanks to everyone (Susanee, Arnold, Barbara, Daf, Vance and others!) who
      responded to my call for help and participation. I took a very much needed
      AFM/T day yesterday to enjoy the wonderful city of Buenos Aires on a 22K
      run and some tourism with Portenos afterwards. (I am preparing for the San
      Diego marathon in June--for other WIA runners). I plan on posting more
      information on my sessions as soon as I get some time to organize. My
      session PPs are all too large to post anywhere in their present form and I
      don't actually have much time connected to the Internet outside of
      preparation time.

      Today at 15:00-17:30 I will be working with teachers at ICANA. I should
      have a live connection for my compuer. I would like to meet with any
      available Webheads during the last part of the workshop. Again, I can't be
      sure until I get there what my connection will allow me to do, with
      firewalls and all.

      To quickly share a great hint from Vance: on Yahoo messenger go to
      preferences and connections and keep the settings on "no Proxies" even if
      you have configured proxies. I plan on giving this a try this afternoon.

      In case any of you can attend, here is a quick wrapup of my sessions in
      Argentina next week (some workshops will need to be done without computers;
      I am unsure of where/when/if i can get connected). All times are in
      Argentina time.

      Monday, Apr. 26
      Workshop: Online and blended tools and tasks for engagement
      Lecture: Activation, mutimedia, online tools: extending, adapting and
      blending for interaction

      Lecture/presentation for ARTESOL members
      Activation, Multimedia, Online Tools: Extending, Adapting, & Blending for

      Tuesday, Apr. 27
      Meetings with MoE and online educators of ESP in BA (anyone know good
      online info on certification programs in the US?)
      Fly to Parana

      Workshop: Activation.....

      During day: meetings and interview.

      Public lecture; Escuela Normal de Parana, UNiversidad Autonoma de Entre Rios
      Integrating Web Resources into the Curriculum: Skill Developent through

      Thursday, apr. 29
      Drive to San Francisco

      Public Lecture
      Integrating... at ISFICANA

      Travel to Santa Fe and Buenos Aires to fly back on May 1.

      BTW, many of you have asked about how I managed to get such an intense
      series of workshops/presentations organized. In short, I didn't. {:-{>} I
      am here with the Office of English Language Programs Specialist program.
      Get more info at exchanges.state.gov/education/engteaching.

      BTW2, I have set up 4 forums for Argentine teachers to continue
      discussing distance education and online tools. The one with the most
      resources you can find listed as onlinetoolsar on YG. You are invited to
      stop by. It is brand new, so there isn't much discussion yet.

      Ciao for now,


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