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Curt's visit to Webheads tomorrow Sunday noon GMT

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  • Vance Stevens
    Hi everyone, I was in touch with Curt this morning. He s still planning to join us online tomorrow Sunday Feb 8 at noon GMT. He says he ll be `on time
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2004
      Hi everyone,

      I was in touch with Curt this morning. He's still planning to join us
      online tomorrow Sunday Feb 8 at noon GMT. He says he'll be `on time'
      (though I told him he could be `late' … I told him we were like a bus
      that leaves the station and noon GMT and picks up and drops off
      passengers along the way on a route that lasts at least 2 hours).
      Curt is planning to be on the bus when it leaves the station. I
      don't know when he is getting off the bus, but if you want to be on
      the bus while Curt is riding then you need to know to arrive early to
      our Webheads session tomorrow. I don't think we can expect him to
      stay much longer than an hour unless he's having so much fun he just
      can't pull himself away. We might want to brew him some strong
      virtual coffee.

      Curt's web site at IUB serves as a good introduction because it
      points to other sites that he wants to call to our attention:

      Curt has a habit of handing out CDs of his papers to the first three
      people to ask questions at his presentations. A lot of his work is
      also online. If you want to read just one of his works, one that is
      frequently cited in other literature I read, then see:

      Bonk, C. and Cunningham, D. (1998). Searching for learner-centered,
      constructivist, and sociocultural components of collaborative
      educational learning tools. In C. Bonk & K. King (Eds.), Electronic
      Collaborators: Learner-centered technologies for literacy,
      apprenticeship, and discourse (pp. 25-50). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence
      Erlbaum Associates. Retrieved March 31, 2003 from:

      You can also fine web addresses in Curt's signature from his email
      today, below.

      Tomorrow's session will be a good chance for Webheads to meet someone
      with an excellent grasp of the field who applies a lot of imagination
      in making distance education exciting and full of F.U.N.

      We'll meet at http://www.tappedin.org Reception (as usual) and take
      it slow from there.

      Cya then,


      Curt's message à

      Ok, thanks Vance.

      See you online soon.



      Curtis J. Bonk, Professor
      Indiana University, Dept. of Coun and Educ Psych
      (adjunct: Instructional Systems Technology)
      School of Education: Room 4022
      Bloomington, IN 47405-1006
      (812) 856-8353 (work); 856-8333 (fax); E-mail: CJBonk@...
      Websites: http://php.indiana.edu/~cjbonk; http://CourseShare.com
      "Create a free survey with SurveyShare.com"

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      From: Vance Stevens [mailto:vance_stevens@...]
      Sent: Friday, February 06, 2004 12:06 PM
      To: Bonk, Curtis Jay
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      Subject: RE: invitation to join Webheads Feb 8

      Hi Curt,

      I just got back from Cairo night before last.

      Webheads are quite looking forward to your visit. There are two very
      active Webhead groups now. One is the 'old' (since 2001) Webheads in
      Action at

      The other is the 'new' Becoming a Webhead session at
      http://www.geocities.com/bawebhead/presessionthread.html. This is
      modeled on the WIA website, but since I've been in Egypt I haven't
      been participating.

      In any event participants on Sunday Feb 8 (noon GMT) are likely to be
      from one or both of these groups. There could be between 15 and 30
      people in the chat. We'll be in reception at Tapped In (the default
      entry unless you have your own office).

      We usually meet at Tapped In around noon GMT and go from there. We
      meet for a couple of hours so you can make a grand entrance at
      leisure if you like and leave when you need to. In other words, no
      need to be right on time or be concerned about being a few minutes or
      half an hour late (but let me know if you're going to be very late so
      I can clue in the others).

      We're very informal (we call it 'chaos navigation'). We could play
      with web cam or voice chat while you're there or neither of those,
      just text. You could make a presentation (of any length) or just
      chat. This is by way of getting to the question I should have led
      with, is there anything in particular you would like to do?

      In Tapped In you can paste URLs in the text and we have access to two
      voice chat clients where you could talk to us and if we arrange for
      you to moderate you can also load in ppts to make a slide show or
      open browsers on remote computers, all while talking to people. Let
      me know if interested in being so elaborate (at 6 on a Sunday
      morning !).

      I often tell people we're like Seinfeld, a community about nothing.
      Somehow people return week after week for years on end because
      whatever it is we do it's quite compelling, and we tend to learn a
      lot from one another just by scheduling a bit of quality time once a

      We have our own unique culture and you strike me as one who will
      appreciate it. So plan to just be yourself and make it a leisurely
      Sunday morning.

      Let me know how I should prep our participants. I've already directed
      them to your websites and told them to read Bonk and Cunningham.

      Looking forward to the encounter,

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