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Documenting troubleshooting may help others

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  • Susanne Nyrop
    Hello voice pioneers, I m very interested to learn all you can think of regarding problem solving with the Yahoo sound and voice function. I m having problems
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2004
      Hello voice pioneers,

      I'm very interested to learn all you can think of regarding problem solving
      with the Yahoo sound and voice function. I'm having problems with that
      myself and need a way to manage it.

      First, after you installed the Yahoo Messegner programme (last version is
      5.6 I think) , then you need to run the Sound Wizard (from the help menu) ,
      as Antoina & co. did, in five steps. These are simple to do, and my
      computer had no problem. Then I tried to change settings for the firewall,
      as suggested tin the Yahoo help files - ports 5000 and 5100 are opened and
      communication settings are no proxy┬┤.

      This helped me, at least to see a missing microphone icon. But still, I can
      neither hear nor speak. I've been using voice in several other applications
      on my newer PC /Windows XP, but earlier, I was using a Macintosh for which
      the yahoo Messenger HAS no voice function, so I've been used to be the mute
      participant. Yes, my microphone is working and open, and yes, my headset is
      chosen as the sound output source.
      Any idea, anyone?

      Online support is sometimes, for myself speaking, the best way, after all,
      to help each other cope with diffiicult matters when it comes to online
      commucanition; yesterday we hd planned a voice session and I was left out,
      but I had so much helpful suggestions from others in that meeting, unsing
      the text chat in Yahoo. I'm working from home and have no techie around; not
      even my own son (who built my PC) has any real idea about all these
      communication tools that we're dealing with, and besides he's so busy
      working as a night guard and the father of tree little kids that I will
      leave him doing what he has to do. Some good advice: don't panic just
      because you're confronted with failures and error descriptions, such as this
      one. Remember to speak up, make a clear and detailed report and post it ,
      maybe someone has got the key to your specific problem.


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