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Re: Favorite Poems online

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  • Arlyn Freed
    Dear Aiden, I m so glad to see you like this video too! I first discovered it when one of my students reviewed the piece in 2000 and I added it to my list of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2003
      Dear Aiden,
      I'm so glad to see you like this video too! I first
      discovered it when one of my students reviewed the
      piece in 2000 and I added it to my list of
      'recommendations' on my listening web site. I've been
      searching high and low recently for my supplemental
      materials for this piece, thinking I would upload them
      to the site so other teachers could save time. I
      found his story really moving and so did my students.
      It should be mentioned that he speaks with a South
      Boston accent, one of the more difficult accents to
      understand in the US, so it's also a challenging
      piece. If everyone wants to see what were talking
      about just go to
      and click on the link titled " John Ulrich reads
      Gwendolyn Brooks': "We Real Cool"."

      This site has many wonderful clips to chose from and I
      highly recommend incorporating it into any class using
      poetry whether for learning English or for studying
      All the best in the coming year,

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      Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 19:11:12 -0800 (PST)
      From: Aiden Yeh <aidenyeh@...>
      Subject: new year's resolution (s) and poems

      Hello Webheads,
      (snip) Yaodong, since you mentioned 'reading
      poems, that's also my 4th year listening/speaking
      students' final
      project, an interpretation of their favorite poems.
      Two weeks ago, I gave a
      lecture on using poetry in the classroom, particularly
      for enhancing
      students' oral skills. I presented a video showing a
      young man from
      Boston interpreting the poem "We Real Cool" by
      Gwendolyn Brooks (available
      at myfavoritepoems.org). I spliced it up with a
      discussion on how the
      words and content of the poem relate to the young man
      and his life. The
      interweaving events in his surroundings made him
      appreciate the poem,
      this was a very good example to show my students how
      to analyze a short
      literary text and to look at them from a personal
      level. In this
      project, i don't want my students to simply read a
      poem, but I want them to
      analyse it, not word for word, but the idea or the
      story behind it- and
      how it relates to them, as a person- or whatever
      status (ie student,
      daughter, son, etc) they may represent. I asked my
      students to record
      their voices to be saved on discs. Recordings should
      have two main
      things: 1) reading the poem before and after their
      analysis 2) analysis- an
      interpretation of content

      the in-class presentation is a live production of
      their recorded
      voices. The reason for this is to allow them to
      express their thoughts and
      work with a live audience- interaction is the key
      theme here.

      I'll be recording their presentation and will put them
      up online (with
      Ss permission, of course). (snip)
      Happy new year everyone!!!!



      "What's past is prologue."
      -- W. Shakespeare, The Tempest

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