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  • Alado
    To all: As some of you may know, this coming week beginning Monday, Dec. 8 and running through Sunday, Dec. 14 the United Nations, the Swiss Government and a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2003
      To all:

      As some of you may know, this coming week beginning Monday, Dec. 8 and
      running through Sunday, Dec. 14 the United Nations, the Swiss Government and
      a group of other NGO organizers are hosting the World Summit on the
      Information Society in Geneva Switzerland. We will be one of the UN
      accredited NGO's providing a variety of technology services to extend this
      important global event out to those unable to attend the event in Geneva. I
      have two of our colleagues in Switzerland with our equipment now and we have
      a number of the sessions scheduled for webcasts plus we will be
      re-broadcasting the satellite feed out from City Colleges of Chicago through
      our webcast portal to the world. I have also included in our program SRI
      International and Tapped In as one of our partners in providing access to
      the event, the debates and dialogues surrounding the Summit topics. I'm
      pasting into this email the press release we sent out through the UN Press
      Corps today with the appropriate links for accessing the schedule of events
      we will be webcasting and the login access link. Those Webheads interested
      in this event can discuss this with me on Sunday during our regular session.
      Mark Schlager would be interested in knowing if any Webheads would want to
      provide additional help desk support to BJ during the five day event. Here
      is the press release that went out today to the > 500 registered UN Press

      Digital Workforce Education Society (DWES), an accredited UN Media partner
      and a number of our partners are providing the world direct access to the
      World Summit on the Information Society, (WSIS) to those organizations and
      individuals unable to attend next week's Summit. WSIS is the gathering of
      over 98 country leaders, over 250 organizations and over 6,000 registered
      delegates to an important global summit on the roles of government, NGO's,
      the private sector and individuals, rich and poor, in the digital world we
      now live in. The link to all the major international organizer for those
      interested in details on this event is here:


      <http://www.digibridge.org> ) IS NOT YET UPDATED, THIS WILL ALL BE DONE
      DURING THE WEEKEND DWES ( www.digibridge.org <http://www.digibridge.org> )
      will be the principal provider of live, interactive content providing the
      world's rich and poor with access to events during this five day event
      through a variety of technologies and partnerships. First, our partners in
      this unique online event:

      First and foremost, City Colleges of Chicago, District Office, with whom we
      have worked in providing similar international events for a number of years.
      www.ccc.edu <http://www.ccc.edu>

      The World Electronic Media Forum, who has accredited us to be one of their
      satellite downlink sites into City Colleges District Office's facilities for
      our rebroadcasts out to the world down to the desktop/laptop.
      http://www.wemfmedia.org/ http://www.wemfmedia.org/ Now remote users unable
      to attend this event in Geneva will have access to many of the live programs
      and workshops and in some cases will be able to participate live with the
      various world leaders as they discuss the future of our Information Society.

      To further facilitate access to remote users in countries or areas where
      high speed internet service is poor we have also partnered with SRI
      International's Center for Technology and Learning http://www.ctl.sri.com/
      <http://www.ctl.sri.com/> and their Tapped In Organization
      http://ti2.sri.com/tappedin/ http://ti2.sri.com/tappedin/.

      Finally the Illinois Century Network, www.illinois.net
      <http://www.illinois.net> providing us with the World's largest
      telecommunication private education network and technical support to insure
      our content can be accessed by this global audience, brief details on this
      Illinois Technology Resource can be found here:

      Digital Partners http://www.digitalpartners.org/home.html

      The Benton Foundation http://www.benton.org <http://www.benton.org>

      For anyone interested in tuning into this historic event next week or
      attending our live webcast from our City College facilities in downtown
      Chicago, details will be available through DWES' website at
      www.digibridge.org <http://www.digibridge.org> BEGINNING OF NEXT WEEK
      (December 8th). A listing of sites where remote users can login to
      participate through the variety of technologies we will be supporting will
      be listed with links at the www.digibridge.org <http://www.digibridge.org>

      Our role in next week's event is simply to provide the technology and
      opportunity for as many people as are interested in participating in this
      gathering of 98 Nations, over 250 Government, NGO, private sector and over
      6,000 individuals and to provide them with an opportunity through Illinois'
      rich technology resources to have a voice in shaping the debate albeit, a
      virtual voice. DWES takes no position in the debate on the global
      Information Society, we only provide all stakeholders the technology to
      voice their opinions during the event through our technologies and

      We would be interested to support as many as possible other presenters
      during the whole summit. Interested partners can contact us by email. We
      will as well record all these WebCast activities so that we can
      re-broadcast for any interested communities.

      Best regards

      Andrew Pincon & Lukas O Ritzel

      Digital Workforce Education Society

      An Illinois SBDC Affiliate

      pincon@... <mailto:pincon@...> &

      lritzel@... <mailto:lritzel@...>

      pincon@... <mailto:pincon@...>


      Best regards
      Andrew Pincon
      Digital Workforce Education Society
      An Illinois SBDC Affiliate
      pincon@... <mailto:pincon@...>
      pincon@... <mailto:pincon@...>
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