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  • Elizabeth Hanson-Smith
    Hi Michael-- I will try to join up with the group on Friday. (I ll use Jack s PC for this one, as Elluminate just won t work on OS X.) Do we need PW or IDs
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2003
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      Hi Michael--
      I will try to join up with the group on Friday. (I'll
      use Jack's PC for this one, as Elluminate just won't
      work on OS X.)
      Do we need PW or IDs for this one?

      > Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2003 12:54:30 +1000
      > From: Michael Coghlan <michaelc@...>
      > Subject: Last Voice Show for 2003!!!!
      > Dear everyone.
      > I am doing one last presentation for the year on the
      > use of Online Voice
      > tools on Friday, December 5th at 11.00 am QLD,
      > Australia time (Fri, Dec
      > 5th, 01.00 am GMT). Jonathan Finkelstein
      > (LearningTimes) and Anne Fox
      > (Webhead from Denmark) will join me as co-presenters
      > for this session that
      > is part of the program for the Learning Technologies
      > 2003 conference
      > (http://videolinq.tafe.net/learning2003/index.html).
      > We will be using the LearningTimes Meeting Room (the
      > Elluminate vClass
      > software) for this 30 minute presentation and I
      > invite you to come along
      > and participate in the session remotely. This
      > session is for a live
      > audience at the conference and it is always
      > instructive for people in
      > conferences to see how remote participants can join
      > these types of virtual
      > presentations so I hope that some of you are free to
      > join me, Jonathan, and
      > Anne. It's a pretty dreadful time for people in
      > Europe and the Middle East,
      > but I'm hoping some from the Americas, Asia, and
      > Australasia may be able to
      > join us.
      > If you think you may be able to attend can you let
      > me know? Thanks,
      > - Michael Coghlan.
      > Free LearningTimes membership available via
      > http://www.learningtimes.org/
      > Michael Coghlan
      > eLearning Coordinator
      > Douglas Mawson Institute of Technology
      > michaelc@...
      > 0417 899 912

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