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Re: Servers and Domain names

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  • Ismail Fayed
    Dear Aiden, The review of both services you refered to is very useful. Anyhow, I am using Netfirms for quite some time now, the free account with 25 MG free
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 2, 2003
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      Dear Aiden,

      The review of both services you refered to is very useful. Anyhow, I
      am using Netfirms for quite some time now, the free account with 25
      MG free web space and FTp upload. It is quite good for free accounts
      or students' projects of course except that part about web
      This is just a thought..

      --- In evonline2002_webheads@yahoogroups.com, Arlyn Freed
      <aiteachesl@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Aiden,
      > I bought my Domain name from 'Go Daddy' and server
      > space from 'Netfirms' because at that time Netfirms
      > didn't offer both services. I now believe both
      > companies offer both Domain names and server space for
      > low rates. I chose Go Daddy and Netfirms on the
      > suggestion of a member from another list serv, without
      > doing any real research (and now have some regrets).
      > I can only comment on what my experience has been.
      > Buying my domain name from Go Daddy
      > <http://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/default.asp?e=com> was
      > a fairly smooth process (credit card needed) and
      > inexpensive (or less expensive than others). Looking
      > at their site now, I believe they offer a full line of
      > services from domain names, server space (w/email
      > accts), traffic analysis (stats) and web design help.
      > As for Netfirms, <http://www.netfirms.com/> they are
      > very cheap ($60USD/year for basic service = 50MG, 5
      > email accounts, some mediocre stats) but I've been
      > dissatified and have just been too overwhelmed by the
      > prospect of shifting to (and finding) a new server to
      > do anything about it. Their server runs fairly
      > smoothly, my dissatisfaction comes with what they can
      > supply via web statistics. The stats can't be saved
      > or downloaded and don't tell me exactly which pages
      > are being viewed or which pages referred the viewer.
      > If I wanted specific information such as the above, I
      > had to pay an additional $60USD/yr to 123Stat
      > <http://www.123stat.com/> They offer a free trial so
      > you can get a general idea of the service, but you
      > must insert their code into each of your pages for the
      > service to work. After doing all that labor for the
      > free trial, I was too lazy to change it and paid for
      > the stats for a while. But, they still weren't
      > specific enough.
      > Just recently I found a free counter that tracks the
      > number of vistors per page, according to the code I
      > insert. I made the transition this week and am giving
      > it a whirl (and hoping I don't have any pornographic
      > popups). It says it is ad-free and it seems to be.
      > If you check out my site and don't find any problems
      > (there shouldn't be any ads anywhere) then it works
      > and I can recomment <www.mywebutilities.com> for this
      > service. It still doesn't supply the URLs of
      > referring web pages or IPs of visitors, but it does
      > help you to know which of your pages are most popular.
      > Again you must insert code into each of your web
      > pages and the counter is very simple --just text
      > numbers, but you can jazz it up a bit if you know some
      > HTML.
      > I would really like to know about other people's
      > experiences with servers and domain sellers,
      > especially regarding server reliablity, customer
      > service, and web statistics vs cost, space, and perks.
      > I believe Dafne discovered a company when she got her
      > Bravenet counter (I remember traveling to a link that
      > handles Bravenet's stats and they offer server space
      > at the same price as Netfirms but with better stats).
      > Bravenet.com is also a company, can Dafne tell us
      > more about them?
      > The process itself is easy (if a little confusing at
      > first depending on who you are dealing with). Once
      > you get your domain name, you then choose a server
      > space. If this is the same company I imagine the
      > process is very simple; if not then you simply give
      > some server access numbers to the Domain Name company
      > and everything is set up.
      > You upload your pages via an FTP software, such as
      > CuteFTP (PC) or Fetch (Mac) or Dreamweaver (both). I
      > love uploading files from within my Dreamweaver
      > program -- it's as easy as dragging files from one
      > window to another. For those of you using Front Page,
      > there may be a built-in FTP as well (though I dislike
      > FP as it discriminates against Macs and has WAY too
      > much meta language -- hurts those who would like to
      > learn HTML).
      > Looking forward to everyone else's contribution on
      > this subject, it was a good question Aiden!
      > All the best,
      > Arlyn
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