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Stand and Deliver vs. Question and Answer

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  • John Hibbs
    1. Vance s visit to Taiwan, and Curtis presentation, stirs this pot. Feedback is appreciated. 2. Teresa s comments intrigue because they bring to mind the
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 30, 2003
      1. Vance's visit to Taiwan, and Curtis' presentation, stirs this pot.
      Feedback is appreciated.

      2. Teresa's comments intrigue because they bring to mind the
      questions of sync vs. async, real time vs.on demand, Stand and
      Deliver vs Question and Answer, One-to-Many vs. Many-to-Many. My
      question to her, and others who participated virtually in real time, -

      Would you have benefited more if the presentation
      was available in advance with the certain
      knowledge that the real time experience would
      have been almost entirely devoted to Question
      and Answer?

      How important is interaction with the presenter and others in the
      audience in real time?

      3. Which method - text or voice - do you prefer for the interactive portion?

      4. If voice, can you put a *dollar* value on same? i.e. how much
      would you have been willing to spend to talk on the phone, per
      minute, with either Vance or Curtis in real time?

      5. If the assumption is that interactivity with the presenter is a
      good thing, and the assumption that multi-media presentations are
      relatively easy to put up, (and far easier to deliver for async than
      on-demand viewers) shouldn't the standard for great real time
      presentations be that the multi media presentation be put up well in
      advance and the real time period reserved, almost exclusively, for

      6. Or, because since childhood we have been raised to go to physical
      events where the Guru is on a stage and the audience is expected to
      sit quietly and listen, that WITHOUT a real time Stand and Deliver
      hoopla, few will pay any attention ? i.e. if all you do create your
      presentation, upload same, send an email and say "look here anytime
      you want"..that few will view?

      7. In real time, what role do blogs play? Should play?

      John Hibbs

      P.S. I have admired Webheads for a very, very long time. Because I
      don't teach English, have heavy work pressures, and MUST find time
      away from this damn computer screen, I don't attend your Sunday
      events. But I applaud your work and learn a lot reading your posts.

      At 6:45 AM +0000 11/30/03, Teresa Almeida d'Eca wrote:
      >I was home correcting tests and tried to follow Curtis' presentation, which
      >came in very clearly most of the time, though with faulty sound and image
      >for a couple of short periods.
      >It was interesting, though most of the content is not new to Webheads.
      >However, it is great to have so much info concentrated into about a
      >50-minute slot.
      >What was most exciting for me was to be at home taking part in a live
      >presentation and "actually seeing the presenter and all the slides he was
      >presenting with very good quality image and sound" all the time. It was as
      >if I was there in that room.
      >I'll take a look at the archive later today.
      >BTW, I'm almost sure he referred to Webheads.
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