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Report from CPsquare workshop - an improvised WIA introdcution

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  • susannenyrop
    Well, this is indded a busy time for a devoted Webhead, even though part of my actual efforts are taking place in a closed workshop, called Foundations of
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 23, 2003
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      Well, this is indded a busy time for a devoted Webhead, even though
      part of my actual efforts are taking place in a closed workshop,
      called Foundations of Communities of Practice, a matter we were also
      dealing with in our EVONline 2003 worhkshop. So now comes the time
      where I am challenged to activate my multi strategic socio-technical
      skills into scaffolding practice in a new context.

      This week, we're engaged in storytelling and projects. And we have
      invented a Travel Agency for Virtual Field trips, demonstrating how
      to use and manage community hubs like Tapped In, Alado and
      Learningtimes as bridge and voice and text chat for vehicle.
      Yesterday, I had a request from Donatella Persico in Italy who works
      at the Institute of Learning technology in ... She wanted to arrange
      a session in Alado with some teacher students and we managed to meet
      online on Thursday, today. Their teacher, Maria... was the only one
      from the Italian site with access to a computer so the students were
      audience, looking at a wall projected screen and listening to our
      conversation. Before they joined me in Alado, I met with a former
      colleague of Donatella and Manuela who is now teaching Italian
      language and mediation at the University of Arhus in Denmark. He was
      eager to voice chat with me in Danish, which is an unusual situation
      for me, and for Franz it was his first time ever. When Maria and
      Donatella and their student audience arrived in Alado, they started
      án interview with Franz about Danish university students and their
      interests in learning Italian as a foreign language. This was voice
      only so I had to keep my ears open to follow a little of what was
      going on, and wait for my clue to enter the stage. I narrated my
      version on Webheads in Action, shared Teresa's index page, with her
      WIA world map and moved on to just introduce the Yahoo Webheads
      homepage as time was short. During this voice session, I did my
      utmost to speak very slow and make short breaks, and type most of
      what I said in the text as the Italian audience were not fluent in
      English language and Donatella had planned to translate everything
      but changed her mind.

      This little session was fortunately without any technical problems,
      but I ended my presentation with a few words about the importance of
      developing multiple strategies in the use of online communication
      hubs, such as Yahoo messenger paired with Tapped In or Alado. as the
      audience were only engaged in reading chat and listetning, my
      personal feeling of connectedness related to Maria, Donatella and
      Franz. But I believe that we might see a few new webheads pop up
      from Italy in a near future. And I feel sure that more CPsquare
      workshop participants will enter the instant voice/text chat vehicle
      and cross some timezone bridges during the rest of our workshop.

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