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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] El desafío de José María DeLorenzis

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  • altunar@ibu.edu.tr
    Rita, You are a great friend. Thank you for the following brief summary. It is interesting to read the comments on equity and ethical issues, cause couple of
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 9, 2003
      You are a great friend. Thank you for the following brief summary. It is
      interesting to read the comments on equity and ethical issues, cause
      couple of years ago, Turkey's economy was resembled to the one in
      Argentina and people in the field of education kept talking about those
      two issues for Turkey, too. I am still not satisfied with discussing those
      issues as a step for development. What we must emphasise, I think, is a
      consistent decisions either ethical or unethical. Talking about them do
      not help I think! I wonder what others think?

      > Jose Maria De Lorenzis´s motto in life seems to be "honesty" in airing
      > his views. Thus, he states he wants a fairer, healthier, more honest
      > country, socially and economically speaking; he calls for equity in all
      > social aspects, starting with education, the pillar of domocracy, and
      > analyses possible and necessary changes in the educational system in
      > Argentina, comparing it with those in other countries. He speaks about
      > the importance of museums, means of communication, talks about the
      > practice of ethical principles in all fields of life, makes reflections
      > on war, on the State and its responsibilities, about the application of
      > laws in society, including personal views on each topic he develops. It
      > is, in fact, a "wishful" thought for a better place, at a time when big
      > changes are badly needed in this country, in all aspects of life.
      > Hope this abbreviated summary provides a general idea.
      > Cheers,
      > Rita
      > Hi everyone,
      > One of our most venerable Writing Webheads members, José María De
      > Lorenzis, septuagenarian, former secretary of the Ministry of Culture
      > in the government of Argentina, and the first grandparent to join
      > Webheads back in June 1999, has 'published' his treatise on culture on
      > the web and sent us the URL.
      > It's called LA ARGENTINA POSIBLE El desafío and it's here:
      > http://cablemodem.fibertel.com.ar/desafio/
      > It's in Spanish but if you would like to read it in English you can do
      > that. You simply visit http://world.altavista.com/ and type in the
      > URL above, and select your translation from Spanish to English. The
      > page will open with its English translation with all the hyperlinks
      > translated, so that as you click on the links labeled 'following' you
      > can easily read the document in English.
      > It would be very interesting if someone who reads Spanish well can
      > glance over this document and send us a brief report of what it's
      > about, as the deeper meaning is not easily discerned from the word for
      > word translation.
      > I'm forwarding this to our Webheads in Action friends because many are
      > from South America, including some from Argentina who may find José's
      > views to be of interest.
      > All the best,
      > Vance
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