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Chatting with Anne's students

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  • Susanne Nyrop
    Hi Anne, Fernanda, Vance, Teresa, Mike, Dafne and all just a quick report about a last day before Holiday chat with two students in Anne s class. This time the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2003
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      Hi Anne, Fernanda, Vance, Teresa, Mike, Dafne and all

      just a quick report about a last day before Holiday chat with two students in Anne's class. This time the chat was scheduled (replacing last Thursday when I had connection trouble). But we did not make any decision about a topic, just a spontaneous conversation. First, I met Lena that I had already chatted with earlier, this time we dicided for text chat. This young woman, 22, was eager to tell me more about her book project about a powerful woman who protects a baby dragon - it all happens in the dark ages and sounds like a great book for children. She has such a generous offer I could not resist and will let me read the manus for the book that has been sent once more to another editor (after we talked first time and I encouraged her to go for it!) She also ahared with me some sad life story that I will consider as confidential stuff. After more than one hour, she asked me if we could invite another new student, Anders, and we met in a conference all three of us. Meanwhile, Anne the teacher was chatting in another chatspace with Vance, Mike , Daf and Fernanda, and after a while I joined them, too. We discussed why it is that these shy adult students are so willing ti engage in a spontaneous and unplanned chat session with a total stranger that they cannot see (or even hear, in this case). We have an idea to arrange open chat hours for our European time zone students - and probably some other stuff helping the user to manage the new access to. But I was too busy following the conversation with Anders and Lena. We started with pretty neutral stuff like the weather, slipping to gardening and why older trees sometimes must leave space for the younger generation of baby trees, which Anders coined in a wonderful way. Lena declared that the only plant she likes are cacti (do we really say so in English plural?) Both of them had a good and well formulated sentence structure and content and showed a pretty good vocabulary with no major spelling errors other that typos, of which I myself is a great producer io fast typed chats - good for their teacher who has a chance to make some useful error correcting exercises from the recorded text chat log.

      Both students gave me a permission to place the edited chatloges on a homepage, and to use ot for my further (always ongoing) research efforts: I asked Anders if he had learned from this one chat session, and he was that actually he had learned a lot, and that he would really like to do this again!

      In a hurry,
      yours, Sus

      PS I am forwarding this mail to Lena and Anders for further comments. Enjoy the summer, holiday or not!

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