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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] YM voice chatting with Rita's students

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  • Rita Zeinstejer
    Hi, Sus, Thanks a loooot for your vivid summary....I can only add I am grateful to this wonderful bunch of friends, Sus, Tere, Daf and Aiden, who shared 70
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2003
      Hi, Sus,
      Thanks a loooot for your vivid summary....I can only add I am grateful to this wonderful bunch of friends, Sus, Tere, Daf and Aiden, who shared 70 minutes' chat with my students yesterday at YM. I'll see my "chicks" on Tuesday and I'll let you know their impressions on their experience...
      To me, it was another proof of how much chat can enhance and add to f2f learning, mainly when it is with other people from other cultures ready to share and enjoy.
      A most thankful and affectionate hug,

      Hi friends,

      yesterday was a succesful experiment, where voice and text chat provided a n open channel for a communication session with five masters students of education in Rosario, Argentina, and their teacher, Rita, who met with Webheads Aiden, Teresa, Dafne and myself (representing Taiwan, Portugal Spain and Denmark). For the students, this was a first time experience on voice conferencing, and for me, too - or almost so. I have had a few previous encounters in iVisit (which is multi-system platform text, voice and video) - but as I remember these, we never came beyond the helpful troubleshooting and breakdown stage. The experience from yesterday was different. The only one who had some trouble with voice transmission after a major update of the new recommended YM voice software - was our expert veteran :-)) Dafne. For the rest of us my overall feeling is that the quality of voice is pretty good, and the most amazing was to laugh together! I do like verbal fun and linguistic eqiuilibrism, but text chat can sometimes be misunderstood, and voice makes it easier to find out if someone is joking or maybe just fumbling to find the best way to express things in a non native language.

      Our discussion topics ranged from local supersititions and polite manners( it looks like the taboo of opening umbrellas inside houses is global and taking off outdoor shoes to go inside is very special for Chinese and (to a certain degree also Danish) people, whereas the Latins find this awkward) - to the necessity for educators to be well prepared in using new communicaton technologies, and a more open attidute towards children using the internet in school situations. Dafne told us how she had learned to dance the Tango with her father, andTeresa introduced her blog page and suggested that the class document this session on a homepage. I certainly hope that the chatlog was saved (I am not yet totally familiar with this issue on PC and forgot the routinely save procedure), as I tried to keep up with the spoken dialogue first because it felt a natural way to enaure that I had heard what people said, and make my own sayings easier to comprehend. In the last part of this long (90 minutes or so) online session, I typed or resumed most of our voice messages, to keep Dafne ajour because she had lost her voice and could not hear us (now you know how I have felt all these times, like a severe sense deprivation).

      I certainly hope to meet this group again - Rita, please tell us when!

      Hugs, Sus

      the not-so-new Windows beast is running smoothly with no freezes or system conflicting breakdowns

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