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reference to webheads in action

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  • Teresa Almeida d'Eca
    Dear friends: I ve just been reading Bob Godwin-Jones s article, Blogs and Wikis: Environments for On-line Collaboration (about first and second generation
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      Dear friends:

      I've just been reading Bob Godwin-Jones's article, "Blogs and Wikis: Environments for On-line Collaboration" (about first and second generation Web), published in the May 2003 edition of Language Learning & Technology.


      Webheads are in full swing! To my surprise, there is a link to my chat paper in the text, to Vance and Yaodong's "Rationale for Chat in Language Learning" and to Webheads in Action. There is also a link to my OLE page in the Resource List.

      Quite interesting is the suggestion in the last paragraph:

      Wiki sites can be created for specific projects with a set group of allowable users and provide an excellent collaborative environment, since changes are logged along with identification of the author. In fact, a wiki type site could be ideal for a "community of practice" (COP), such as the ESL/EFL "Webheads in Action. . ."



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