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  • Aiden Yeh
    Anyone interested in attending/presenting in Florida? ... -- Soraj Hongladarom Department of Philosophy Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University Bangkok
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      Anyone interested in attending/presenting in Florida?

      At 10:17 AM -0400 28/4/03, Freddy Malpica wrote:
      >EISTA '03
      >International Conference on Education and Information Systems: Technologies
      >and Applications
      >Jointly with International Conference on Computer, Communication and
      >Control Technologies: CCCT '03
      >July 31, August 1-2, 2003 Orlando, Florida, USA
      >EISTA '03 Organizing Committee invites authors to submit their original and
      >unpublished works, innovations, ideas based on analogical thinking,
      >problems that require solutions, position papers, case studies, etc., in
      >the fields of Education/Training and Information/Communication Technologies
      >(ICT). ICT researchers are invited to present their research results.
      >Practitioners and consultants are invited to present case study papers and
      >innovative solutions. Corporations are invited to present
      >education/training information systems and software based solutions.
      >Teachers and University professors are invited to present case studies,
      >information systems developed for specific purpose, and innovative ideas
      >and designs. Educational scientist and technologists are invited to present
      >research or position papers on the impact and the future possibilities of
      >ICT in educational systems and training processes and methodologies.
      >Manager of educational organizations and training consultants are invited
      >to present problems that might be solved by means of ICT, or solutions that
      >might be improved by different approaches and design in ICT.
      >All are invited to organize panel or invited sessions. Panel sessions with
      >panelists coming from both: ICT researcher/practitioners and
      >Submitted papers must describe work not previously published. They must not
      >be submitted concurrently to another conference with refereed proceedings.
      >You can find complete information about the conference in our web page
      >General Chair: Professor Freddy Malpica
      >Organizing Committee Chair: Professor Andres Tremante
      >Organized by the IIIS: The International Institute of Informatics and
      >?Education and Training Systems and Technologies
      >#26981;#26981; Industrial/Corporative Training.
      >#26981;#26981; Higher Education.
      >#26981;#26981; Instructional Design.
      >#26981;#26981; Reinventing the Training Organization.
      >#26981;#26981; Knowledge Management.
      >#26981;#26981; Education for working Culture.
      >#26981;#26981; Synergy between Education and Development.
      >#26981;#26981; Synergy between Education and Industry/Business.
      >#26981;#26981; Learning to Learn.
      >#26981;#26981; Organizational Learning.
      >#26981;#26981; Cybernetics of Education.
      >#26981;#26981; Teacher Education.
      >?Applications of Information and Communication Technologies in Education
      >and Training
      >#26981;#26981; Multimedia-based Instructional Design.
      >#26981;#26981; Computer-Based Training.
      >#26981;#26981; Web-Based Training.
      >#26981;#26981; Internet-Based Teaching.
      >#26981;#26981; Distance Learning.
      >#26981;#26981; Distance Broadcast Training.
      >#26981;#26981; Application of simulation in Training and Education.
      >#26981;#26981; E-Learning.
      >#26981;#26981; Integrating e Learning and Classroom Learning.
      >#26981;#26981; Online Teaching and Learning.
      >#26981;#26981; Internet-Based Learning Tools.
      >#26981;#26981; Internet-Based Adult Learning.
      >#26981;#26981; Virtual Classroom.
      >#26981;#26981; Virtual Universities.
      >?Application of Education Technologies
      >#26981;#26981; Education of science and Engineering.
      >#26981;#26981; Education of Informatics and Communication Technologies.
      >#26981;#26981; Corporative Training in Informatics and cybernetics.
      >#26981;#26981; Information Science Education.
      >Papers might be submitted via web page:
      >http://www.confinf.org/eista03/WebSite2003/Submission.asp as extended
      >abstracts (500-2000 words) or as full papers drafts (2000-5000 words).
      >Reviews will be done for both kinds of submissions.
      >Invited Sessions proposals can be done filling the form given in the web
      >page http://www.confinf.org/eista03/InvitedSession2003/organizer.asp
      >More information about Invited Sessions Organization could be found at the
      >May 09, 2003: Submission of extended abstracts (500-1500) words or paper
      >drafts (2000-5000) words.
      >May 09, 2003: Invited session proposals.
      >May 30, 2003: Notifications of Acceptance.
      >June 20, 2003: Submission of final versions: hard copies and electronic
      >July 31, 2003: Conference Starts
      >August 2, 2003: Conference Ends
      >Some invited sessions might have a different timetable according to its
      >organizer and chair
      >Submitted papers will be reviewed. Accepted papers, which should not exceed
      >six single-spaced typed pages, will be published by means of paper and
      >electronic proceedings. Authors of accepted papers must sign a copyright
      >release form.
      >The conference fees will be USD 330 before the deadline, and USD 380 after
      >the deadline.
      >This fee will include exclusively:
      >* A CD-ROM version of the Proceedings
      >* One volume of the hard copy version of the Conference Proceedings
      >* Coffee breaks
      >* Welcome Reception
      >Each registration fee might include just one paper, which presentation will
      >be included in the conference program and published in the conference
      >The only audiovisual equipment provided for most meetings will be an
      >overhead projector and a screen. Video projection or any other equipment,
      >if needed, will have to be supplied by the presenter.
      >Details can be found at the Conference web page:
      >Answers to specific questions can also be requested by e-mail:
      >We are looking forward to meeting you at EISTA '03 conference, in Orlando.

      Soraj Hongladarom

      Department of Philosophy
      Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
      Bangkok 10330, Thailand
      Tel. +66 (0) 2218-4756; Fax. +66 (0) 2218-4755
      Home page: http://pioneer.chula.ac.th/~hsoraj/web/soraj.html
      **International Conference on Information Technology and Universities
      in Asia, ITUA 2002** http://pioneer.chula.ac.th/~hsoraj/IT
      Science in Thai Culture Project: http://www.stc.arts.chula.ac.th/
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