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webhead presentation at appi

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  • Teresa Almeida d'Eca
    Dear friends: I returned home yesterday evening after three very full days at the APPI conference. It was one of the best I ve attended in 16 years. And
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2003
      Dear friends:

      I returned home yesterday evening after three very full days at the APPI conference. It was one of the best I've attended in 16 years. And everybody was very enthusiastic about the hotel facilities though they had to limit participation to 500. It's generally between 800-1,000.

      The two big names in the education and book publishing world were Mario Rinvolucri and Luke Prodromou, and we were lucky to have Mario with us. I had no idea he'd be interested in this type of activity.

      I know through a close friend of mine sitting next to him that he was enthusiastic right from the pre-presentation stage when I was checking connections and some of you were making comments through text. And then he absolutely flipped with your participation during our voice conference and all the simultaneous text comments. BTW, did anybody make any print screens of the Wimba text? If so, could you send them to me?

      He was so excited that he immediately invited me to write and article about the Webheads for the Pilgrims' (English publishing house) online magazine he edits, Humanizing Language Teaching,


      When we met again two hours later, he said: "I have already propagandized your presentation to four people. Very exciting and very good!" And he had, because a couple of people mentioned his enthusiasm to me.

      Well, Mario and I met on several other accasions and he couldn't get over the fact that such an exciting presentation had so few people: sixteen I counted (no one left, though!). I had a name I can't compete with at the same time: Luke Prodromou. But even his presentation had much fewer people than expected, as I was told by the organizers.

      Anyway, I told Mario that there is still a lot of reluctance, resistance and skepticism regarding these innovative media, as well as accommodation to the traditional way of teaching.

      I also enjoyed the fact that 2-3 colleagues in the audience may join us at Tapped In next Sunday. One of them is Antonia, who asked two questions. She teaches at the British school I attended during elementary school (a 5-minute drive away from where I live). She was also very excited and enthusiastic.

      To finish off a long message, I'd like to thank all those who 'greatly' contributed to the success of my/our presentation: Chris Jones ( a special 'thank you' to you for having endured until 2 a.m.!), Aiden (a virtual success with Mario!), Dafne, Fernanda, Susanne, Chris Johnson, Damian and Vance. The applause you heard was especially for you online, because I also had my round of applause on closing the session. Great audience! Few, but good!!!

      I will make a page with as much as I have, and with flaws on my part and lessons learned, because it is always useful feedback. I didn't take pictures, but the photographer came in and did. I will put those up as soon as I get them (in about 3 weeks, I think).

      Thank you, Sus, for the TI log. I have to read it carefully. I've only skimmed through it.

      Thank you all again. You made my day last Tuesday. :-)



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