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Re: Damian's xl file, compiling data on WiA posts

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  • Arlyn Freed
    Dr. Cat wrote that he believes (re: multiple Yahoo IDs in Webheads), for data collection purposes, the multiple posts of one person shouldn t be merged and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2003
      Dr. Cat wrote that he believes (re: multiple Yahoo IDs
      in Webheads), for data collection purposes, the
      multiple posts of one person shouldn't be merged and
      counted under one name. I disagree. Unless someone
      can offer a scientific reason to leave them as
      separate units, I think the information is much more..
      well, informative, if we know the total posts per
      person, no matter what "ID" they were using.

      In most cases (this has been evidenced at the start of
      both online workshops) people were hesitant to post
      personal information to strangers, and chose to keep
      their names hidden, using only the Yahoo ID. If and
      when individuals felt comfortable, a full name was
      attached in place of the ID symbolizing (I hope) a
      sign of trust in the group. However, according to
      Tom's data collection methods, the mail appeared as if
      from a different sender, because his system logged
      mail by 'name' and not 'address'.

      There were other cases where technical snafus forced a
      change of email address, or where convenience dictated

      None of these reasons affects the motivation for
      posting (or not), so (to my thinking) the data for any
      one individual should be combined.

      In any event, for most people, this won't make much of
      a difference since, as Damian noted, the majority of
      posts are from the same 8 people (myself included). I
      would very much like to see these numbers change. I
      guess I could stop participating :) to lower my
      -- (recently I have actually INCREASED the number of
      posts, trying to keep clear subject headers, as I use
      these when searching the message database).

      All joking aside, this is a topic I hope we will, as
      one, look into carefully.

      Dr. Cat wrote:
      Should we have this information? Of course. Should we
      have the table
      constructed in this way (with posts per ID instead of
      per physical
      person)? Of course. The information we get from this
      table is very
      interesting and important in research. Should we also
      have a table that
      combines the posts per physical person (not user-id)?
      No, I don't think
      so. If a person wants that type of information, they
      can use the
      information on the table to answer that question.


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