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Report on CETA presentation in Cordoba

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  • Dafne
    Hi Webheads, I got back home this morning after a 3-day-intensive-almost-sleepless journey. On Friday, with a 3-and-a-half hour train delay (I got a 25%
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2003
      Hi Webheads,

      I got back home this morning after a 3-day-intensive-almost-sleepless
      journey. On Friday, with a 3-and-a-half hour train delay (I got a
      25% discount on my train ticket, plus a free meal for this delay), I
      arrived to Cordoba at 10 pm (left Valencia at 3pm), where Maria and
      her parents were waiting for me at the train station. They took me to
      the hotel, and then Maria took me for a walk in downtown Cordoba,
      plus some typical "tapas" in a "tasca". Saturday, at 8 am I was
      woken up by the most typical church clock bell you could ever
      imagine, a "pasodoble" is the sound of the bell. I headed to the
      University where the conference was taking place.

      In the afternoon, while Maria was giving her presentation, and I was
      trying to get used to the laptop I was going to be using in my
      presentation, Tere, Sus and Damian contacted me through Yahoo
      Messenger, and I told Sus I was working without a mouse (deadly news
      for me). Well, to make a long story short, after I had all my pages
      and Power Point presentation ready, we realized the beam was not
      connected and we had to go off-line, in the process I lost my pages
      and PPT. So, while Maria was hard at work trying to get all the
      equipment back to work, I was giving the Webheads background to the
      audience (a full house which I was not expecting since this is a
      regional event, and there were 2 other presentations going on at the
      same time). My initial plans to project from Tapped In had to be
      changed, because my laptop did not have java installed so I could not
      connect to TI from it, the audience's computers did have java, so
      they could get to TI. On the other hand, I had Yahoo Messenger, but
      the audience did not. So, from my computer I had to show my PPT,
      connect to my web pages and project them to the screen (a whiteboard)
      to be sure the onsite participants would follow the presentation. I
      could not have the yahoo chat projected during the presentation
      because then the pages would not be seen, and it was not easy to
      change from pages to yahoo because I had no mouse, and the Windows XP
      screen (unknown to me until that moment) kept on hiding the bottom of
      the screen where all the icons were). Well, but the audience followed
      open-mouthed all the presentation, while they were reading the chat
      going on at tapped in. They listened to Vance's voice first, and saw
      his webcam (thanks Vance for inviting webheads to the yahoo
      conference after we went off-line J.).
      I had to go over the presentation quickly in order to have them
      listen to some webheads. They heard Damian, Arnold and Tere. I showed
      them their pictures and their geographical location. They also read
      some of the comments made at YM chat, and laughed with them. They
      could not believe we were talking live with people from different
      parts of the world. They were very impressed by all the different
      work we do. I know realize that what is bread and butter for us, for
      others is like magic. I heard them laugh like kids with a new toy
      which they feel excited and eager to play with, but are waiting for
      somebody else to show them how.
      I gave them a handout of the first page of the presentation with the
      url, and explained that from there they would see the web pages, the
      PPT and the written notes so they could go back to them for further
      One of the participants dared to post a note on my discussion board,
      and said that at the end of the presentation he/she? was less
      confused than at the beginning.
      The event organizer was very happy with the presentation and asked me
      to come back next year.

      I was happy with the onsite presentation, but did not feel good about
      not being able to be at Tapped In at the same time. If I moved from
      my place, to go the computers used by the audience, my voice would
      not have been heard at Yahoo (btw, if any of you had the YM chatlog,
      I would love to get a copy J)

      I can tell you that Cordoba people are amazingly friendly, and Maria
      is a good representative of the city. She and her parents are great
      I will soon put up a page with pics ( I need to get some sleep first).

      This is the url where the whole presentation is (web pages, PPT and

      Thanks to all webheads who were there helping me out, giving me
      support with their online presence. It is amazing how knowing that
      your buddies are next to you online, can make you feel more relaxed.

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