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Learning2gether this weekend

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  • Vance Stevens
    Hi all, I ve updated http://learning2gether.net with a posting from last weekend on events some of us participated in and were tracking. Salient items were
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2013
      Hi all,

      I've updated http://learning2gether.net with a posting from last weekend on
      events some of us participated in and were tracking. Salient items were
      Nellie Deutsch's interview with Stephen Downes Sat June 15, mp3 and YouTube
      embed available, and Jeff Lebow's delightful second session with his Korean
      students where they make presentations streamed in Hangout from their homes
      for extra practice in English on what he calls English SOS (Speaking Online
      Show). Carol Yeager and Rita Zeinstejer and i tuned in to catch
      performances including a lesson in how to prepare kim bop. You can see the
      archived YouTube recordings at http://englishbridges.net/live and the one
      that coincided with Learning2gether at

      Jeff has another such SOShow scheduled tomorrow Thu, and he's been inspired
      to expand the concept to speakers of even more languages, but that might be
      a secret, since he confided it to me over Skype last Monday.

      Meanwhile, I have had an interesting networked learning experience.

      I'm a newcomer to Wordpress and was not familiar with the reblog system
      whereby other wordpress users can reblog your posts in their blogs. I've
      been warding off frequent spam comments but reblogging didn't ask my
      approval, but notified me it had been done, and said I could approve a
      'comment' to that effect on my blog. So I did that here:

      You can see in the comments that it started with Fabrizio's reblog, which I
      asked if someone could explain to me. Lucia then commented that she had
      come to this post via Fabrizio's blog and went on to say they were both
      participants in a cMOOC. I asked them to tell me more, and to make a long
      story short, Fabrizio and Lucia are due to join us on Learning2gether at
      1400 GMT this Sunday June 23 to tell us much more about the cMOOC that
      brought them in contact with Learning2gether.

      Fabrizio and Lucia checked out Hangout but didn't like the screen share so
      we agreed to meet Sunday in Elluminate.
      I'll update you on that, and you can track developments as always on

      Meanwhile welcome Fabrizio and Lucia to Webheads and Learning2gether and
      all are invited to join us Sunday 1400 in Elluminate.


      Vance Stevens

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