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Invitation to Learning2gether with LTMOOC Sunday May 12 at 1300 GMT in Elluminate

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  • Vance Stevens
    Hi all, Having caught up to Week 3 of LTMOOC I feel I m in position to invite LTMOOC participants (and those interested) to a special discussion of what s
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2013
      Hi all,

      Having caught up to Week 3 of LTMOOC I feel I'm in position to invite
      LTMOOC participants (and those interested) to a special discussion of
      what's going on here as part of a regular weekly seminar series I organize
      and blog here: http://learning2gether.net

      Sometimes we hold our events in Hangout mode but we also have access to
      Elluminate and so I thought I would use that instead this Sunday. It's
      easy to reach, you just visit Bb Collaborate / Elluminate here
      Keep the file that wants to install on your computer, allow Java to run,
      and it should launch smoothly.

      Under tools you can run an audio wizard that will allow you to select and
      configure your microphone.

      One advantage is that we can have many more than ten in the space, and we
      also get a recording right afterwards, which I can make into an mp3 in
      addition to the Elluminate replay recording.

      The Wordpress blog is our archive of events, but we announce our events in
      a wiki, so you'll find details here:
      (the idea is that anyone can join the wiki and propose an event; applies to
      anyone here for that matter)

      When I had the idea to do this I thought the topic about now would be the
      flipped classroom, so I invited someone who's presented on that topic
      before, Laine Marshall, to join us. Laine is also a participant in LTMOOC.
      Meanwhile I'm pleased to find that I have been learning about Instreamia in
      flipped classroom mode, as is any one here learning from the tutorials. It
      would also be interesting to discuss how we are learning on a spectrum
      ranging from purist cMOOC to robo-graded xMOOC (clearly we're in the

      I also invited Maria Colussa to co-host. She has appeared with us
      previously in Learning2gether.

      As PLN networks often overlap, for example Learning2gether derives from
      Webheads in Action http://webheads.info, and there are some webheads in
      LTMOOC, my thought when planning this was that we might attract those
      familiar to any of these various networks of language teachers and people
      interested in edtech, and all are indeed welcome.

      I delayed the announcement to be sure I could come up to speed with LTMOOC
      in time (I'm in a slow trot there) but must do it this week because NEXT
      week there is a 3-day Virtual Language Round Table you might all be
      interested in, details at the link above.

      Hope to see some of you on Sunday,

      Vance Stevens

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