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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] Golf - & other silly stuff

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  • Michael Coghlan
    Thanks John - I enjoyed this. Good on ya mate indeed! - Michael ... From: John Hibbs To: evonline2002_webheads@yahoogroups.com Sent:
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 15, 2013
      Thanks John - I enjoyed this. Good on ya mate indeed!

      - Michael

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      Subject: [evonline2002_webheads] Golf - & other silly stuff
      >Most native English speakers know the meaning of a mulligan. I
      >suspect most ESL students do not. Stretched to its widest
      >boundaries, this message has mulligan overtones -- where
      >forgiveness is part and parcel to the term. Please forgive what
      >follows. The rest has nothing whatsoever to do with the teaching of
      >Proceed at your own risk; mindful of Ben Franklin's best advice:
      >"Time is the most valuable commodity of them all".
      >Boxing is called the 'sweet science'. Baseball is a 'game of inches'.
      >Golf, as all who play the game will agree, was concocted in hell by
      >the Devil himself. He allows you to make shots equal to any of the
      >Greats. Then, with equal measures of cruelty and delight, he puts
      >your ball in the woods. Or in the lake. Or places never to be found
      >again. (In Hong Kong while looking for a errant shot I met up with a
      >cobra...which instantly scrambled off after one look at a raging
      >lunatic in the grip of a three-iron.)
      >Today, the Devil is now in glee.
      >This weekend in Augusta, Tiger was on his way to the lead with a shot
      >so perfect it hit the bottom end of the pin; could have easily
      >dropped in the hole for an eagle. But, no the Devil, with all his
      >craft and evil intent, made the ball bounce into the creek.
      >Thereafter, predictably, a media frenzy pounding Tiger. Then, Sunday,
      >predictably, Tiger getting off the deck, like a great racehorse down
      >the backstretch. But this is golf, the Devil's game so Tiger was,
      >predictably punished by a half dozen puts that missed the hole by a
      >HOWEVER all that blarney is NOT the point of this message. Give me
      >one more mulligan. (Or not?) You have been warned...but HERE, finally
      >is the point.
      >All four days of the Masters I was planted on my couch; but Sunday
      >was the best.
      >Three marvelous Australians, an Argentine ,and a young, brash Yank --
      >are there no other kind? -- were each doing battle with themselves,
      >the course and the Devil. The caddy for the Argentine was the man's
      >son -- bonded with each other in ways that would make a grown man
      >cry. I sensed the two of them were having more fun than anyone on
      >the course. Or maybe even anyone watching? You think the tango is
      >pretty? Not half as pretty as the show put on by Angel Caberera, a
      >grandfather no less.
      >But there come the Australians, and how could I not cheer for them?
      >I "grew up" in Kangaroo Valley, Earls Court, London, circa 1964;
      >traveled overland from England to Sydney with two Ozzies; visited the
      >country many, many times,-- one of which, Dear Webheads, was at the
      >invitation of Michael Coglan. If that isn't pleasurable company,
      >then what is?
      >Bless you Webheads for allowing this long rant. The end is near.
      >After four full days of golf in regulation, one Argentine and one
      >Australian ended up in dead a dead heat. Mano-a-mano, more Tango,
      >from tee to green. But it was the tango the Ozzie, Adam Scott, who
      >--- his words "put a brand new notch in the belt of Australian
      >Even the Devil can't take away a Green Jacket as grand as the one now
      >enroute to the Down Under.
      >Good on ya Mate.
      >About Tiger?
      >The NY Times has lovely article. Worth reading; if only for the
      >pleasure or REALLY good writing.
      >Woods's Odd Journey Through Golf's Majors

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