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Fwd: in need of info on software: LMS and pronunciation

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  • Teresa Almeida d'Eca
    Hi everyone! Thank you to Ronaldo, Mary (di Monaco), Hala and Elizabeth (H-S) for the feedback to my call for help on behalf of a friend. I hope I didn t
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 15, 2013
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      Hi everyone!

      Thank you to Ronaldo, Mary (di Monaco), Hala and Elizabeth (H-S) for the
      feedback to my "call for help" on behalf of a friend. I hope I didn't
      miss anyone.

      Here's the feedback I got from you, including some of your comments,
      which I also forwarded to my friend since they were helpful.


      * *English Central*: I know that englishcentral.com
      <http://englishcentral.com> works with students watching a video and
      then they record themselves repeating some sentences from the video.
      Their software compares student's recording with the original and
      gives some feedback. I don't think it can be embeded to an LMS, though
      * *English Central*: You can choose from a variety of levels and
      topics, listen, pause, rewind and record your speech. It gives you
      feedback in the form of a mark and lets you compare your production
      with the original. Another plus is that it gives you the definition
      and phonemic transcription of individual words. The thing is I'm not
      so sure how reliable it is (might be too sensitive to different
      accents, so if you are teaching British English, say, you have to
      choose videos in that type of English). Besides, I don't think it
      can be embedded
      * *Nanogong*: There's another tool that has been integrated to Moodle
      called Nanogong, but this is only for students to submit their
      recordings as assignments. It is the teacher that has to do the marking
      * *ANVILL*: For listening/pronunciation, maybe try Jeff Magoto's Anvil
      system, which can also serve as a kind of management system. Here
      are some videos on how to use Anvil, which is absolutely free. A
      friend of mine uses it for his community college beginners classes
      and loves it:


      * *Schoology*: I didn't get what you mean by student's module,but I
      am using Schoology http://www.schoology.com My students and I are
      extremely happy with it. I think if she starts using it, she will
      never look back
      * *Edmodo*: For LMS, why not Edmodo? It has teacher, student, and
      optional parent modes. It gets better all the time and is free for
      o You may want to read this to decide (between the two above)
      + http://www.examiner.com/article/edmodo-vs-schoology-who-wears-the-crown-k-12-online-learning
      + http://teachinglikeits2999.blogspot.com/2012/12/sorry-edmodo-switching-to-schoology.html
      + I know others who shifted to Schoology too
      * *Moodle* (referred by you and me) *vs. Schoology*
      o My reading suggestion from a search: t's much better than Moodle
      - Schoology
      + http://wmsnewmacs.wordpress.com/2011/06/27/its-much-better-than-moodle-schoology/
      o How to pronounce Schoology
      + https://twitter.com/Schoology/status/236526449031528448

      I added these two *LMS* taken from a couple of articles I read in

      * *SchoolRack*: http://www.schoolrack.com/ (in the Learn More tab I
      looked at all the links on the left; though they say it's only for
      K-12 in the U.S., I think it should be explored)
      * *SchoolLoop*: http://www.schoolloop.com/services/schoolloopstandard/

      And I also reminded her of Voicethread, since feedback can be given in
      different modes.

      BTW, Judy asked me to "thank" all those who had collaborated with info.

      Hugs all, Teresa

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