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RE: [evonline2002_webheads] congrats to Argentina! :-)

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  • John Hibbs
    Dear Webheads: All this spirited talk about the new Pope, from Argentina, sparked some VERY lovely memory buds. For me, the first ones to light up were easy;
    Message 1 of 16 , Mar 15, 2013
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      Dear Webheads: All this spirited talk about the
      new Pope, from Argentina, sparked some VERY
      lovely memory buds. For me, the first ones to
      light up were easy; my memories of the Jesuits
      from Kindergarten to 10th grade, at St
      Catherine's, in Ventura, California. Those
      Jesuits, most especially the Head Master, have
      never left my shoulder. (Especially his comment
      "John, you will get along better here when you
      understand that the Sisters have all the answers
      and the priests have all the questions.)

      But I digress.

      The second memory bud to light up -- perhaps even
      more forcefully than that those from childhood? -
      was that I /honestly/ believe one of the more
      interesting conversations we /ever/ had during
      the Global Learn Day "voyages" was at a "stop" in
      Buenos Aires. There, at the St. Andrews Scots
      School. we "met" with their headmaster, a Jesuit
      from Scotland (hard to imagine a tougher
      combination!) by the name of Gabriel Rshaid. In
      the next hour or so Gabriel led us all of us down
      what my own Jesuit teachers would have called "A
      Socratic Path". Like all good conversations,
      there were many more questions than "answers'" --
      especially regarding some pointed remarks about
      the dangers - of the Internet.

      My take GLD attracted a LOT of tremendously
      thoughtful participants. Gabriel Rshaid was one
      of the best.

      Here are some links about Gabriel.

      Last thought. Today's New York Times David Brooks
      had a GREAT article about "Rome" -- and the
      choices ahead for Catholic leadership. David is
      Jewish, but his intellectual landscape truly
      awesome. His piece today is worth savoring.

      NYTimes, March
      How Movements Recover
      March 14, 2013

      John Hibbs

      P.S. I am sending blind copies to Gabriel with
      address that I have stored...and found
      subsequently. If you Google "Gabriel Rshaid" you
      will find him on YouTube, Amazon and as a
      Director ASCD

      Gabriel: Scroll way down and find links what I
      am up to. Write us. All Webheads would like to
      hear from you; most especially about an Jesuit
      from Argentina, who just got as pretty big job in

      Kind regards to all -- everywhere.

      At 4:52 PM -0300 3/14/13, Maria Bossa wrote:
      >Dear you all! Thanks again for your warm
      >greetings for the new Argentinian Pope. This
      >time I want to share this interesting
      >information since it was mentioned in the mail
      >I'm from Cordoba province, in the center of
      >Argentina. The Jesuits came to our city 400
      >years ago and founded the 1st University in
      >South America and the whole congregation "La
      >Compañía de Jesus" established here. They did a
      >great job and now, the church and the old
      >university building has been declared a
      >universal belonging by the UNESCO. You can come
      >and visit both places. And even more, you can
      >visit the 7 "estancias" where they lived long
      >time ago. Our province (Cordoba) is very pleased
      >with all this. I warmly invite you to visit
      >Cordoba and the Jesuit buildings. I do hope you
      >can see some of the pics I've attached into this
      >mail. Kind regards,Maria :)
      >Smiles, Maria

      snip snip snip
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