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Learning2gether Sun March 10 noon GMT Alex Hayes Veillance and augmented/mediated reality

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  • Vance Stevens
    Hi everyone, Sorry to be so late in announcing our next Learning2gether event. Alex Hayes suggested this week s topic. He is in Finland meeting with colleagues
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2013
      Hi everyone,

      Sorry to be so late in announcing our next Learning2gether event. Alex
      Hayes suggested this week's topic. He is in Finland meeting with colleagues
      at a conference discussing augmented and augmediated reality and their
      implications for veillance.

      Join us in Google Hangout this Sunday at noon GMT to discuss with experts
      this fascination topic.

      As usual with Hangouts, we can't start them until right before the event,
      so we will post the direct link to the hangout at
      http://learning2gether.pbworks.com and also at
      http://webheadsinaction.org/live. That's where you can go to listen in on
      the stream and join in the text chat, in case you can't or don't want to
      get into the hangout itself. But be aware that the stream can only be set
      up right at noon GMT, when we start the hangout.

      If you are hanging out with us, be sure to wear a headset (otherwise the
      sound from your speakers back into your mic could cause echo). And if you
      enter the hangout be sure to mute or switch off the stream (otherwise
      you'll hear two sound channels, each overlaid at a disconcerting lag from
      the other.)

      Meanwhile, here's more from Alex:

      Vance Stevens from Webheads and I are running a Google Hangout for anyone
      interested in joining us -
      The time of the event where you are, 1400 GMT, is given at this link.

      The topic you will see is Veillance - the domain with all it's disciplines
      such as surveillance, sousveillance, dataveillance, uberveillance and so
      on. We are sure to also speak of education, engineering, diffusion of
      innovation, privacy, personal security and a host more emergent themes &

      We think it is pertinent topic given that we are on the brink of Google
      Glass going live soon, that Vuzix and host of other augmented and
      augmediated reality hardware is set to become distributed and visible
      throughout our communities worldwide.

      A podcast was recently distributed by IEEE (
      and featured Professor Steve Mann whom I'm working closely with on this
      event -http://veillance.me

      Have a listen to the podcast. It's is very revealing, insightful and will
      serve as the base point for our discussion. You will note that I have
      invited Steve to join us here in this discussion. I've also invited a
      number of others whom have I just met virtually

      Looking forward to you join us.

      Alex and Vance

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