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Re: Authoring tools for supplementary language activities

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  • Maryanne
    Hi Robert, Thanks for the information on creating e-books, but I am more interested in online strategy games for language learning, particularly in foreign
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      Hi Robert,
      Thanks for the information on creating e-books, but I am more interested
      in online strategy games for language learning, particularly in foreign
      languages. There are very few if any strategy/serious games made
      specifically for language learning due to the complexities involved as
      outlined in 10 Key Principles for Designing Video Games for Foreign
      Language Learning
      ng-video-27mkxqba7b13d-2/> , but some strategy games made simply for
      entertainment and available in languages other than English can be used
      as supplemental material for L2 learning. Those are the types of games
      I am looking for. Any help would be appreciated.

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      > Thanks Maryanne,
      > That's very helpful. Vance is doing a great job of pulling these
      resources together for further exploration. One area that there is some
      interest in is developing an app or interactive ibook, which might serve
      a more strategic need. Ibook's, in spite of their seemingly simple
      interface, are not that easy to work with. (They were created in order
      to convert an existing book into an iBook, so unless you have all of
      your content clearly laid out before you begin, you quickly run into
      organizational difficulties. Interactive media is also difficult to make
      work-and, of course, the books only work on Apple devices). A more
      promising approach is the use of Corona SDK to develop a cross-platform
      e-book application:
      http://www.coronalabs.com/i-want-to-build/ebooks-comics/ . There's some
      additional plugins that allow you to work directly in Adobe Creative
      Suite to create your images, animations, and you can preview the whole
      book on various devices as you progress. It's still a fair amount of
      work, but at least you get a product of maximum value.
      > Robert
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      > Robert,
      > Robert,
      > In researching information on games in language learning, I found A
      > Comparison of Computer Game and Language-Learning Task Design Using
      > Theory <http://callej.org/journal/12-1/Franciosi_2011.pdf> by Stephan
      > J. Franciosi quite on target regarding supplemental material for L2.
      > In his article Franciosi suggests that both serious games
      > <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serious_games> and casual games
      > <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casual_games> can play a role in second
      > language development. He states that arcade type or flashcard games
      > would work well for practicing discrete subsets of skills because they
      > tend to be repetitive and require players to practice isolated or very
      > small sets of skills, and come with the added benefit of a dynamic,
      > computer-mediated interaction that supports flow ( p. 21). On the
      > other hand, role play games, strategy games or simulations can be used
      > to integrate skills in holistic problem-solving activities... ( p. 15)
      > What the Spanish professors seemed to be looking for were casual games
      > templates that they could use to create additional practice for
      > subsets of skills, but they might also consider looking for "serious"
      > "strategy games" to use as motivational supplemental activities. For
      > strategy games they could look at Big Fish Games
      > <http://www.bigfishgames.com/online-games/index.html> . I believe you
      > have 1 hour of free play, but some games require a download). You
      > click the word English in the upper right-hand corner for a drop down
      > menu of languages available and then click strategy games. Third World
      > Farmer in Spanish <http://p-3rd-world-farmer.bajar.toggle.com/> is
      > an option. A good blog with ideas for using games for L2 is Kyle
      > Mawer's Digital Play <http://www.digitalplay.info/blog/> . He offers
      > practical ideas for having students work alone or collaboratively to
      > create "walk-throughs" for games. Personally, I have been looking for
      > more good strategy games in Spanish, French or other languages. If
      > anyone knows of any, please share. :-)
      > Maryanne

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