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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] Digesting Vance's MOOC Analysis

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  • Daniel Bassill
    Thanks John and Vance. I ve added a link to Vance s blog in the comment section of this article I wrote on MOOCs a while ago.
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 15, 2012
      Thanks John and Vance. I've added a link to Vance's blog in the comment section of this article I wrote on MOOCs a while ago. http://tutormentor.blogspot.com/2012/04/navigating-information-overload-moocs.html

      Dan Bassill
      Tutor/Mentor Connection
      Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC

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      >From: John Hibbs <skipper@...>
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      >Subject: [evonline2002_webheads] Digesting Vance's MOOC Analysis
      >The short of this post, by me, is what we all know. Vance Stevens is
      >not just a tremendous Tribe Leader, (like Obama) he is also a
      >brilliant writer and thinker. (like Obama). What he advances in the
      >post (above) is solid proof of this.
      >The best part? Like choosing between a Ferrari, Maserati, Lexus, BMW,
      >Cadillac, or Mercedes - from such a rich banquet, I thought it was
      >this:(thank you Steven Downes):
      >>"Stephen Downes was once asked why he would flog himself across the
      >>back with a course open to thousands (snip snip) when Downes could
      >>have left it at just the two dozen (snip snip), and he replied
      >Here's are two of the brightest gems:
      >>GEM ONE: Says Downs: ..."because I would learn from it."
      >>GEM TWO: Says Stevens: "This is the prime motivator for setting up a cMOOC".
      >Ladies and Gentlemen: This is Very Big Stuff. Mind bending, game
      >changing, iconic, watershed, tidal wave --- you pick the term.
      >Me? I think this is one of those really, truly "watershed moments" --
      >not quite as "visible" as Sputnik or John Glenn and the Mercury Stage
      >on the way to the moon...but given the power of all the Web tools,
      >access, speed, impact, publicity, and most certainly both the
      >protection of the University brand and their requirement to not be
      >"diluted" AND the escalating costs to acquire the "ultimate button" -
      >a "real" diploma from a "real" University. (yes, I know,
      >"certificates" are boiling hot issue and a reasonably big part of my
      >polemic re the hazards of a MOOC from Coursera). To include my
      >conviction that ESL plays a Very Big Part. You have heard this chant
      >from me repeatedly
      >GEM 3 from Hibbs -"Inside ESL classrooms are the leaders of tomorrow
      >and the connective tissues to reach the (community) leaders of
      >today.....in every single corner of the world."
      >So where do "we" go from here?
      >Let me just ask some questions
      >1. Can Downes or Vance, (plus those referenced in the Stevens
      >article) agree on a Landing Place where these threads can be (mostly)
      >pulled together? A wide open Forum, probably with several different
      >threads. (NOTE: Coursera had so many Forums they became more problem
      >than solution! ugh!!!) How do you manage a Forum? A Thread. Where is
      >the "best" MOOC Landing place? And how do "we" make it THE magnet ,
      >megaphone and World Class Think Tank for MOOCs?And how is it funded?
      >2. What Threads would be inside that Landing Place? such as:
      >a) It's obvious that there is plenty of demand for a "semi-massive"
      >MOOC course(s) 101, 102, 103, up to 501, 502 503. Who could put 101
      >together and offer it widely. How could that person be well paid?
      >b) MOOC Tools In a Box? Tools for advocacy groups? Tools for
      >training? Tools for fundraising? Tools for learning groups? Tools for
      >Assessment? Rewards? Certification? Tools for broadcasting, outreach,
      >archives? Chaos "management"?
      >c) MOOCs on the Moon -- You think I'm kidding? 50 years ago JFK gave
      >a speech you should either watch or read
      >Substitute a very few words in that speech with the challenges and
      >opportunities today, and I think you will agree that if "we" had a
      >person of JFK stature -- Sir John Daniel? - the prime goal of
      >accelerating access to education, reducing costs, and vastly
      >improving outcomes is a "job"as important as any leader of anywhere.
      >(If Obama had lost, I would have run him down via his brother in law,
      >just up the road from Eugene....but I digress.
      >d) and, to repeat, how do you fund the Landing Place?
      >Thank you Vance. I feel a lot better; maybe it's because being your
      >junior partner put too much stress on me. Big shoes worn by those
      >with small feet make for a clumsy walk. Or big pratfall.
      >Seriously, thank you...ALL of you!!!!
      >P.S. Here you can find the text of my "Prepared Remarks" for the GEC
      >Presentation where Vance carried the whole load.
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