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International Journal of Online Education

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  • Steve McCarty
    We have a number of editors for the planned International Journal of Online Education, but there is room for more. Associate Editors could have a column on a
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      We have a number of editors for the planned International Journal of Online Education,
      but there is room for more. Associate Editors could have a column on a topic area, a
      geographical region, or a language other than English. It involves membership in the
      organization described below, and the only obligation is to participate in the relevant
      communication channels. We would like to be more fully representative of world regions.

      Incidentally, academics particularly in the liberal arts (which includes language teaching!)
      would probably be interested in a new series starting with the article below. Before
      completely reconstituting Academia in cyberspace, the subject of a future series, people
      concerned with academic ideals may like to clarify what it is that should be reconstituted.

      "What is the Academic Life? 1. General Answers to Essential Questions"
      Education India Journal, Vol. 1, Issue 3, August 2012, pp. 6-12. Changed URL:

      Steve McCarty

      > One of the first global virtual organizations, the WAOE is a free academic association for
      > individual educators concerned with distance education, e-learning, and online education.
      > We are not just seeking to increase membership but rather to give active educators an
      > opportunity to make a difference in this sometimes murky field, by collaborating with
      > other idealistic educators around the world. We started in 1998 with the purpose of
      > turning online education into a new professional discipline, and as an international NGO
      > now we see much more to do. So with renewed energy, we are calling for active new members.

      > Dr. Ramesh Sharma writes: "As a member of the WAOE we look forward to your input, ideas,
      > insights, interviews, write-ups, videos, etc. on online education. You may like to share
      > innovative practices at your institution so that other members can benefit from them too."
      > The WAOE is establishing the _International Journal of Online Education_,
      > using our imagination to accommodate various categories and media besides double-blind
      > reviewed papers. It will be an online journal and an open educational resource. Join us
      > as a contributor or section editor for a content area, language, or world region.
      > We have opened up our moderated discussion list WAOE-Views so you can join directly:
      > http://groups.google.com/group/waoe-views
      > You can also like us on Facebook to share resources: http://www.facebook.com/waoepage
      > It is best to study our main Web pages (Home, Vision, More About Us, and Archives),
      > then go to the Participation page to become a member for free and join WAOE-Views:
      > http://www.waoe.org/
      > e-mail membership questions: rc_sharma@... | to volunteer: waoe@...
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      > Collegially, Steve McCarty, WAOE President (1998-2007, 2012-)
      > Professor, Osaka Jogakuin College / Osaka Jogakuin University, Japan
      > Online library of publications: http://waoe.org/steve/epublist.html
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