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Plan Ceibal - university project

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  • Dr Elizabeth Hanson-Smith
    Hi Webheads-- This is a CfP for a university group that might manage a project using laptops for elementary students. Eventually, if the project is funded,
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      Hi Webheads--
      This is a CfP for a university group that might manage a project using laptops for elementary students.
      Eventually, if the project is funded, there will be a need for classroom exchanges, but meantime, this is a big project for a university to undertake, but might fit with your situation.
      Please contact the website and Plan Ceibal, not me or Deborah, for further details.
      --Elizabeth HS

      From: Deborah Healey <dhealey@...>
      Subject: [CALL] Request for Proposals - Plan Ceibal
      To: CALL@...
      Date: Thursday, December 8, 2011, 11:57 AM

      This is an RFP (LPI in Spanish) for a very interesting CALL-related
      project in Uruguay. Plan Ceibal is a One Laptop Per Child
      initiative. Students in elementary and secondary public schools have
      already gotten XO laptops (running Linux Sugar), and there's been
      some work on developing applications in Spanish and training for
      secondary teachers. Now Claudia Brovetto has been put in charge of a
      program to use the XOs for English language learning. The plan, in a
      nutshell, is to have

      a) Live videoconferencing once a week or every two weeks with a
      native speaker English teacher (in classes with and without a
      trained English teacher)

      b) Material that the students can use with the teacher as
      facilitator, but that does not require much English on the part of
      the teacher (with Spanish-language help)

      c) Material that the students can use on their own at home (with
      Spanish-language help)

      d) Inservice training for teachers - some onsite and some remote

      A university partner is expected to be in charge of the project,
      working closely with Plan Ceibal. Publishers are being asked to
      respond about the materials part of this, but they would be under
      the supervision of the university partner. Inservice trainers would
      come for short visits and work mostly online. They'd need to speak
      Spanish well. The idea is to start with 20 schools as part of a
      pilot. If the pilot works well, it would expand to 1000 schools
      across Uruguay.

      The response to the RFP can be in Spanish or English.

      If you are at a university with interest in this project or work
      with a publisher who may be interested, please check the website
      below. I did some consulting with Plan Ceibal about this project and
      am willing to respond to some basic questions, but the definitive
      answers will come from Plan Ceibal people.

      Short link:


      Full link:

      As an aside, I was amazed at
      the buzz around the laptops. One way to effect educational
      change from above is for the President's office to distribute
      350,000 laptops to children, then expect the Ministry of
      Education and teachers to deal with it.



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