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Re: Equipment for making videos for teaching

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  • Derya
    Hi Dave, In my experience with making videos with digital images, I have especially noticed that what you re going to say is important and should be planned,
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 27, 2011
      Hi Dave,

      In my experience with making videos with digital images, I have especially noticed that what you're going to say is important and should be planned, and thus a script is so crucial.. and the shorter the video, the more effective..

      My two cents!


      --- In evonline2002_webheads@yahoogroups.com, "dk" <davekees1@...> wrote:
      > "...how do you actually make the videos. Do you have media backup at your
      > university? Do you do it at home on a camcorder or similar?"
      > When Salman Khan does the Khan Academy videos, it is only showing a blank
      > screen which he draws on using a special pen and electronic pad.[1]
      > In my first attempt, I used Jing. This is free software to record your
      > activities on your computer screen. I scanned our lesson book and then while
      > viewing the lesson page talked about the exercises. Advantage: Free. Easy.
      > Video is only 5-minutes long. Disadvantage: A little difficult to point out
      > items on a page, to highlight certain words that I was talking about. Could
      > have opened the page in MS Paint and used the mouse to draw on the page or
      > to buy one of those things like Salman Khan uses and do it in Paint. Video
      > is only 5-minutes long.
      > After that I began using a video camera, actually just the video on my smart
      > phone. I found a way to suspend my phone over the text book. Pretty
      > primitive setup but I was surprised at how good the results were.
      > Advantages: Free. Easy. Can write on the book with a real pen. Can
      > highlight, circle or point at words while teaching. Disadvantages: Couldn't
      > find a smooth way to zoom into anything so I would usually go for a
      > half-page shot rather than try to show the whole page.
      > I mentioned the advantage and disadvantage of Jing was that it only made a
      > 5-minute video. I suppose if I paid for the advanced version I could make
      > the videos longer. But it is amazing how fast 5 minutes passes when you're
      > teaching. It caused me to try to be more efficient in my explanations and to
      > make sure I keep moving along and not hem and haw too much. Also doing it in
      > 5-minute chunks meant that we were always switching back and forth between
      > "virtual Dave" and "real Dave" and I think that helps maintain their
      > attention.
      > Dave Kees
      > [1] According to Business week, Khan uses a "Wacom tablet with an electronic
      > pen, which cost about $80"
      > http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/11_22/b4230072816925.htm
      > More on these tablets:
      > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphics_tablet
      > http://superuser.com/questions/132854/program-for-drawing-with-pen-tablet-li
      > ke-salman-khans-one
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