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Employers Can Increase Employee Flu Shot Compliance by Almost 8 Percent with a Simple "Nudge," Says Evive Health

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    Employers Can Increase Employee Flu Shot Compliance by Almost 8 Percent with a Simple Nudge, Says Evive Health In the controlled study of 3,272 employees
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 14, 2011
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      "Employers Can Increase Employee Flu Shot Compliance by Almost 8 Percent
      with a Simple "Nudge," Says Evive Health"

      "In the controlled study of 3,272 employees at a large Midwestern utility
      firm, individuals 50 years of age or older or those with chronic health
      conditions were randomly assigned to receive one of three reminder mailings
      encouraging them to obtain a flu shot at an on-site clinic. Of those who
      received a prompt to write down a specific date and time when they planned
      to get a vaccination, 37.1 percent obtained the shot, an increase of 4.2
      percentage points over those who received a general identical reminder,
      except that it contained no prompt to make a plan. The planning prompt was
      even more effective among employees for whom on-site flu shots were offered
      on a single day only. Prompting these employees to write the date and time
      when they intended to receive their shot increased compliance by 7.9
      percentage points, presumably because not attending the on-site clinic would
      mean missing out on the free flu shot benefit altogether. "



      What does that have to do with teaching???

      I don't know if anyone else is interested in this sort of research but I
      feel that research done in one field might be able to give us some insights
      into another. For example, it's always difficult to get students to do
      homework or to do some extra study outside of class.

      This research may indicate that if a student will commit to choosing a time
      that he will do something that this will help the student to do it. Having
      the student choose a specific time will encourage more compliance. In the
      research it only improved the compliance of about 8% of the subjects.
      Perhaps the results would be the same with our students, a small effect.

      But learning about these ways of "nudging" our students along, learning more
      and more about the psychology of our students, can enlarge our tool box of
      tools to use to help our students do better. We can move 8% of our students
      by doing this. We may be able to move 10% of our students with another
      tool. Nudging our students along.

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