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Re: How do you 'tease' audio from the Elluminate recording?

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  • Foxdenuk
    I m afraid that it didn t really work out. I installed the latest version of Java and still couldn t get the software to work. I wasn t prepared to take things
    Message 1 of 13 , Jul 25 10:29 AM
      I'm afraid that it didn't really work out. I installed the latest version of Java and still couldn't get the software to work. I wasn't prepared to take things to level 2 of technical support and resorted to recording my speakers, something which I almost never do because the quality is so bad but you can hear the latest result here. http://www.absolutely-intercultural.com/?p=1749
      The offending item is the extract from the presentation given by Robert O'Dowd.

      Then I discovered that I couldn't get into my online bank with the new version of Java! That problem is now sorted. It seems Java installed a 64 bit version of Internet Explorer and this is what I have to use to access my netbank. And so the saga continues. Thought of making the Java IE my default browser but that doesn't play YouTube videos so I am going to have to swap between the two for the forseeable future!
      --- In evonline2002_webheads@yahoogroups.com, Vance Stevens <vancestev@...> wrote:
      > The arghhh moment, I like it :-)
      > let us know how it works out :-(
      > Vance
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