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To Argentinian Webheads - Learning about Argentinians

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  • Carla arena
    Dear all, It s been a week I came back from a fantastic trip to Buenos aires, Ushuaia and El Calafate. I wish I had had time to meet every single Argentinian
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2011
      Dear all,

      It's been a week I came back from a fantastic trip to Buenos aires, Ushuaia
      and El Calafate. I wish I had had time to meet every single Argentinian
      Webhead around, but as I was together with 6 boys. Yes, two men and 4 young
      boys (!), I was not in charge of most of my time, but I do plan to come to
      your wonderful country soon. It is just an amazing place to visit. I managed
      to meet Vicky Saumell and we spent an hour chatting away, webhead-way!

      From my online connections, it was interesting to realize that most didn't
      know about Ushuaia. Well, I didn't know about El Calafate, and it was just a
      thrilling, awe-striking surprise with its wonderful glaciers. We had a

      Here's the deal. I want to write a post to a blog I contribute to about
      Argentinians and Argentina, but trying to dispel stereotypes about you and
      your wonderful country. So, who better than you to tell me about it? Would
      you be kind enough to fill out this cultural survey so that I can compile
      your answers to picture the real Argentina? I'm already excited just as when
      I was visiting Buenos Aires and Patagonia! (Here are some photos

      I plan to write the post next week, so if you can spare some minutes this
      week...Feel free to invite your friends to answer the survey as well.

      Thanks, besos, and viva Argentina!


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      Learning about Argentinians

      Beyond stereotype

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      How would you define Argentina in one sentence? *

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      What's your favorite dish in Argentina? What's so special about it? *

      Where do you spend your holidays in Argentina? Where do most Argentinians
      spend their holidays? *

      What do you consider to be a unique feature of your country? *

      How and where do you have fun with friends? *

      Tango, a stereotype or not? * What are your impressions about it.

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