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  • Vance
    Thanks for your greetings, Hessah. Bobbi and I enjoyed our Eid with a 5-day camping trip where we took my young son Dusty and his friend Joan with us into
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      Thanks for your greetings, Hessah.

      Bobbi and I enjoyed our Eid with a 5-day camping trip where we took my young son Dusty and his friend Joan with us into Oman. We camped on the way to Jebel Al Akhdar and hiked to a mountain pass where we spent a second night on the mountain. Next day we returned to the car and drove up another mountain, Jebel Shems, and hiked into a deep gorge to arrive at an abandoned village near a fern grotto set in the cliff face. From there we drove to Muscat, camped on the beach, and went diving next morning on a wreck and a reef. We then drove to a place we knew where locals enjoy themselves late into the night in the Oman outback and proceeded from there to a wadi where we drove up to a town with intent to walk from there to another mountain gap. But on the way we blew two tires simultaneously on the rough road and enjoyed another aspect of Omani culture, when dozens of townspeople came down to help us extract our car and take me into town for more tires while they took Bobbi and Dusty and Joan into their homes for hospitality, not the hike we had intended, but deep insights into Omani character.

      My other son Glenn works in Doha so he too got an Eid holiday and he and his wife and our granddaughter have just flown down to spend the rest of the eid with his brother and Bobbi and I.

      Meanwhile, I've gone through my emails and found that we have no volunteer for this Sunday's speedgeek, so I'll step forward and fill the gap.

      More on this shortly, but just so you'll be thinking about it, what I have in mind is to address an issue that came up recently where I discovered that English language colleagues were creating listening exercises for their students by recording themselves reading them. I suggested they set up a blog with the readings and have them read by Odiogo.

      So what I want to do this Sunday is just that. I have in mind setting up two blogs (for comparison purposes) and a tag for them whereby we apply the Writingmatrix principle that anyone can find each other's similar blogs, and show everyone how we can collaborate on setting these up so that we essentially create a set of podcast sites with beginning, intermediate, and advanced listening passages.

      What I need from participants is for you to come prepared with at least one good story for a short listening passage. I'll get you to email this to a posterous blog or post it to a blogger one, or both. And we'll see how each of these can be enabled with Odiogo to create the listening exercises that will benefit our students.

      As I said, more on this later, be thinking of your story, and hope to see you there Sunday 1300 GMT, in Elluminate http://tinyurl.com/y3eh.


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      > I would like to wish you and your families a happy and joyous Eid ul Adha.
      > May Allah grant you, your family, friends and other loved ones health,
      > peace, happiness & relaxation.
      > Regards,
      > H Alruwaili
      > Aljouf University
      > --
      > "The better educated we are, the better our world will become"
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