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Hi, Ali and all Re: TAPPED IN Sunday

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  • Keiko Schneider
    Again, thanks all for participating at Sunday s TAPPED IN session. ... BJ and I were talking later, we should have broken up the group into several small ones.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2002
      Again, thanks all for participating at Sunday's TAPPED IN session.

      >On the minus side ( grin) 1. I was at pains trying to follow the
      >turns and threads and questions and instructions scrolling up at a
      >pace that got too fast for me at times, as I was trying to keep up
      >with the pace of the incoming messages and at the same time follow
      >Vance and Keiko and BJ who did their best to help.

      BJ and I were talking later, we should have broken up the group into
      several small ones. That is exactly what my conference rooms are for.
      There is also a feature in TAPestry to DETACH the bottom half chat window
      to make it separate and bigger. With all that talking, I don't know how
      many people knew and did this. Sometimes it helps.

      > As Iwas trying to do
      >more than one thing at a time, I was overwhelmed by the new jargon-
      >before I could handle what a virtual note was, I was flooded with
      >more terms than I could chew in real time: virtual pets (just the
      >concept, let alone working with them!!) , recorders , virtual
      >pockets, dropped notes...I think some old timers tend to take too much
      >for granted

      I am sorry you had frustrating experience. TAPPED IN is easy to use for
      beginners, but it could go pretty deep. Once you start playing with
      objects like pets and notes, as you describe here.

      At your leisure, I would like to invite you all to check out my office
      (Keiko's Office) at S2309. From reception, you can take the elevator
      (click on the elevator in the room map or type: /el) and click on 23rd or
      type /23rd. Then you get to 23rd floor lobby. Go to the South Wing by
      clicking in the map or type /s. Then find #2309 and click on the green
      link or type /2309.

      Once you enter my room, click on what's here, right next to who's here,
      just under supplies and update toward to the top right. You will see
      objects in my office. Pepper is my virtual dog (an example of virtual
      pet). Pepper will react to you command when you /pet, /tease, /feed and
      so forth. There is also a note called "Welcome to my office" on the
      verrrry bottom of the list (an example of virtual note). My short
      welcome message is written on it. When you click on the objects from the
      right, examples of commands show up in the window to the left. Make sure
      to use slash (e.g. /pet pepper) to see the effect of interacting with

      I have quite a few objects in my office so you can sample and think about
      what you may want to use. Then start from #5 on Things to Try.


      Sincerely yours,
      Keiko Schneider
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