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  • Veronica Baig
    Hi Elizabeth: Digitally reluctant colleagues--I can relate to that, and that s at a university that is suposedly online. I ve just finished an eight-week
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 17, 2010
      Hi Elizabeth:
      Digitally reluctant colleagues--I can relate to that, and that's at a university that is suposedly online. I've just finished an eight-week course with George Siemens on networking and connectivism at my institution. It worked very much like the evo courses each year, but not as well. The same 'suspects' were really interested, there were a lot of people who signalled some interest, but the interest level quickly waned. The main goal was to get us using a new university-wide social networking site on the ELGG platform. It's a site that wants to be everything for everyone;-)
      The whole PLN/PLE concept is very interesting and this is best exemplified by the webheads. I've just put in a proposal with Debra Hoven (one of the original webheads) to present on PLEs at a local TESL conference this fall. It's amazing how many people express an interest when I talk about these ideas, but the amount of follow through is disappointing. Clearly my enthusiasm isn't as contagious as I hoped.

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      Thanks Veronica for a very interesting talk (37 mins)
      I find it helps to bridge the gap between my digitally reluctant real life collegues and my PLN - which little by little, with friends like you, is becoming a reality :-)

      I find it slightly off putting that with Vimeo, one does not know how long the clip is going to last ... I can't help wondering if I'm missing something on the screen which gives some indication of its length ?

      amitiés à tous
      --- In evonline2002_webheads@yahoogroups.com, Veronica Baig <one_blue_jay@...> wrote:
      > Here's an interesting talk--not language specific--put lots of food for thought on connectivism and education in general:
      > http://vimeo.com/12407128
      > Veronica

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