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RE: [evonline2002_webheads] A Wiki in Use

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  • McMorrow, Martin
    Thanks for the link, Gary .. great variety of material on there, with some enticing audiovisual links! I like the pirate avatar guy at the beginning! I added
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      Thanks for the link, Gary .. great variety of material on there, with some enticing audiovisual links! I like the pirate avatar guy at the beginning! I added your link to the podcast I prepare for international university students http://tinyurl.com/6xy9hy .. the level overall might be a bit high for your students, but feel free to have them try it out. We do, in fact, have increasing numbers of students from the Gulf, but, so far, nearly all male students .. perhaps that will change. The podcast might, in any case, give your students an idea of what they might be actually faced with in the context of studying at an English-medium university - lengthy listening comprehension tasks based on complex and unfamiliar theories, and in a range of accents. Over the last couple of weeks I've embedded fairly lengthy online interviews with a Scottish astronomer working in Australia, a German nuclear chemist and an English economic historian based in New Zealand, and Australian biochemists, psychiatrists and marketing professionals .. it's a pretty globalised academic world out there! Recently, the Chinese students I support here on campus complained that they were finding it hard to understand the new Yorkshire-born lecturer compared to the American and South African ones they'd already got used to!

      Anyway, sheepish apologies for turning a compliment on your site into a plug for my own! I'm feeling a bit defensive over it this week, as I had a request for funding the cost for the service turned down because of very tight budget conditions .. I decided in the end to stump up the fee myself for another year. By the way, does anyone have opinions on whether this is actually a bit of a rip-off? (Podomatic charges US $400 for the pro service which allows you to keep up to 5GB of content on the site) .. comments, guidance, tea and sympathy welcomed!


      Martin McMorrow
      Massey University, New Zealand

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      I have put together a Wiki for my students to use. I have stressed that it is not part of their regular course but is there for them to visit and assist them in learning English.
      It goes for 16 weeks (the length of their course) and every week it has sections on Reading/Writing, Grammar, Litsening and Speaking. I also included sectioins on TOEFL, Environmental video and Pronunciation. There are exercises (links) for the students and all in all, it is a fun site to visit. If you want to join the Wiki and make material postings... make yourself at home. Please keep in mind that I AM in Oman and most of my students are young Omani university girls 18-20 years old. They are not the most liberal minded people and not prone to Adult entertainment. They are great students who are willing and eager to learn and a true pleasure to teach.

      Check it out and tell me what you think. Positive and Negative comments are welcome. So, send your students, send your enemies and even your enemy's students. Feel free to post bills on the local Metro, buses and outside your favorite adult beverage establishment.

      Gary Harwell

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