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Re: help arrange and organize my inbox.

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  • Elizabeth
    Hi Mearn-- I don t save Webheads mail because I can always go to the Yahoo Group and Search for a thread in the MESSAGES area. It s very convenient and keeps
    Message 1 of 14 , Oct 3, 2009
      Hi Mearn--
      I don't save Webheads mail because I can always go to the Yahoo Group and Search for a thread in the MESSAGES area. It's very convenient and keeps my inbox clear.

      I'd also recommend you use Daily Digest instead of receiving all that mail individually.

      Sorry I don't use Gmail enough to give a suggestion.


      --- In evonline2002_webheads@yahoogroups.com, nouredine laouni <nourla2000@...> wrote:
      > Dear webheads wherever you are in the world,
      > i'll be so much grateful to you if you could suggest something helpful to me organize my inbox.
      > don't be surprised or see it weird . i've 3507 e mails in my inbox , the greastest part is about some online courses i took before  and the rest is all about discussions of webheads. Although i don't show up , respond or comment , i follow with great zeal , motivation and  interest all the discussions taking place in the group, and as a consequence i keep all interesting e mails of webheads group in my inbox. i flag them for follow up then i return back to them to read and see the resources contained therein .
      > in other words i keep the e mails for future uses and reference. However; the problem is that i don't often find the emails i'm interested in very quickly  , so i spend a lot of time looking for the right e mails , which is time and efforts consuming.
      > my questions are as follows:
      > how can i keep all these e mail in my inbox in a well organised way?
      > Is it possible to group them all according to themes and subjects they tackle?
      > are there any softwares , links that may help in this sense and achieve this objective?
      > what if i want to store them online but with categories and themes for future review ?
      > thanks a lot for your help. keep up the excellent job you are doing.
      > nour_eddine laouni
      > Mearn
      > Morocco
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