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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] Re: What does the web think of you?

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  • Vance Stevens
    I think the Personas concept could be applied to an interesting cv. Like Second Life, this is possibly not the application you want for education but wow it
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 27, 2009
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      I think the Personas concept could be applied to an interesting cv. Like
      Second Life, this is possibly not the application you want for education but
      wow it would be great to have something with these features that would do
      what it's trying to do. I envisage a day when potential employers would get
      your application and run a personas on you and then get in touch based on
      the result. You wouldn't have to waste all that web 1.0 time maintaining
      your cv. You'd just have to keep your record clean and let aggregation take
      its course. Of course the Personas algorithm doesn't work. Will the real
      Robert Squires please stand up? Looks like we need to wait for Web 3.0 for
      this one to take off, or maybe Web 4.0, but I feel I've caught a glimpse of
      a light at the end of a tunnel, or maybe it's just a headlamp of another
      distant lost soul.


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      Hello there,

      Thank you for this link, Bee. And for the other links as well. :)

      I too was most eager to try this tool out. However, since my presence on the
      web is somewhat less extensive, Personas naturally produced a simple,
      two-part bar: family + education. I was a bit surprised with the family
      part, since I rarely discuss my family life online. But nevertheless it's
      true, my family means the world to me.

      To check whether the tool produces the same bar each time we try it or
      whether this was just a coincidence, I tried it again and to my surprise
      found that the bar was different each time (I tried it four times). Some of
      the results were really surprising: I couldn't be less interested in sports
      for example and I don't recall ever writing about it but sports was still
      there in my Personas bar.

      All in all, I have a feeling that perhaps the Personas algorithm works
      better with the profiles of people whose presence on the web is more
      intensive and extensive than mine (Vance's for example is impressive). But
      I'm still cautious: we tend to be present on the web in different ways, form
      relationships of different sorts, some people document their lives more
      extensively, some less, but all only a selected parts of it. We may also use
      the web only for particular communicative purposes and only with particular
      communities. Anyway, the values underlining communication (web or other)
      seem to me more important than the topic the communication deals with.

      I really wouldn't want anybody to replace my CV with the Personas bar. I
      feel there's more to web presence than what this tool is capable at this
      stage to show. And yes, there's more to our presence in this world than the
      web will ever know.

      Best regards from sunny Slovenia,

      --- In evonline2002_webheads@yahoogroups.com, Barbara Dieu <beeonline@...>
      > You can enter your own details into the Personas tool. If you feel
      > uncomfortable watching the process of this tool scouring the web for
      > information about you, that�s the idea. It was designed to show you
      > have a publicly available profile which you cannot control.
      > Article at:
      > http://www.thepunch.com.au/articles/what-does-the-web-know-about-you
      > Have fun!
      > Bee
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