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Designs on eLearning 2009: Aug 31, 2009

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  • hanaakhamis
    Dear Webheads, For those who may be interested in participating in this upcoming online conference, here are the details. Hanaa Khamis Designs on eLearning
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      Dear Webheads,

      For those who may be interested in participating in this upcoming online
      conference, here are the details.

      Hanaa Khamis

      Designs on eLearning 2009: Online Conference

      The conference will take place in the week beginning 31st August and the
      presentations will be available for two weeks from that date.

      Contact the DeL team:
      Support for Live Presenters

      If you would like help uploading live presentations into Wimba Classroom please

      Satheesh Anandhan: s.anandhan@...

      Support for Asynchronous Presenters

      If you would like help uploading asynchronous presentations to the Discussion
      Board area please contact:

      Vanessa Hall: v.j.hall@...

      General Enquiries

      If you would like to speak to the conference organiser, please contact:

      Robin Shaw: r.shaw@...

      All presenters' abstracts and biographies can be found in the Meet the
      Presenters section.

      5 Live Presentations are delivered using Wimba classroom in the Live
      Presentations section:

      The Radical Portfolio - Peter Purgathofer
      Let's Get Personal - Philip Butler
      Personal Spaces in Real and Virtual World Interactions - Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss
      Blended learning as a tool to renew art and design higher education - Martti
      Social Learning and the Future of the VLE - Hugh Davis

      Asynchronous presentations can be found in the Discussion Board section. The
      presentations are divided into four Themes:

      The Virtual Atelier

      Janet Holland


      Jean Dyson

      The Virtual Atelier

      Georgina Holden

      Creating an online design atelier

      Cherie Lebbon

      Jane Osmond

      Karen Bull

      Is e-telier a challenge too far? E-teaching and learning for studio centric

      Shei-chau Wang

      An inter-institutional design for art critiquing in Second Life

      Ana Castro Correia

      Digital Games and Education:

      Collaboration and creativity

      Paul Lowe

      Surfing the long tail of education online

      Ms Lucie Hernandez

      Ms Carol MacGillivray

      Architectures of participation: exploring authorship within new media and
      artistic practice

      Paul Summers

      Anonymous Online Peer Critique in the Teaching of Undergraduate Design and

      Scott Dinho

      English Language Education for Art and Design Students at a Distance

      Ms Barbara E Thomas

      Dr Maria Rodriguez-Yborra

      Piloting, Informing, Embedding: ePDP in a School of Arts, Media and Education.

      Creating narrative

      Dr. Heather C. McCune Bruhn

      (Re-)Inventing the Wheel

      Stephen Hopkins

      Keith Bailey

      O.A.R.S.: A methodolOgy for examinING THE ROLE OF MUSIC IN NARRATIVE FILM in an
      online film music course

      Ellen Sims

      Creative elearning and teaching in practice

      Ben Jonson

      The e-factor: e-motion and e-learning

      Elearning tools,systems and strategies

      Steph Cosgrove

      The whole truth and nothing but the truth: electronic information and
      communities of practice.

      Jonathan Kearney

      Developing the use of blogs as a reflective tool

      Ms Rebecca Reynolds

      A tale of two e-learning projects: PDAs and podcasts

      Julius Ayodeji

      student blogs: change enablers

      Dr Shan Wareing

      Harnessing Technology or the Tail Wagging the Dog
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