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Answering Interview Questions -Engish2Easy- 5/7/2009

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      This is a confirmation message with new lesson.

      Date: 4-7-2009 Lesson: Answering Interview Questions -5-

      [English2Easy] <http://english2easy.blogspot.com/>

      A-Z Correct English:
      Contains most common mistakes committed by English learners or

      Answering Interview Questions:
      uestions> Don't be afraid of nervous in interviews or meeting new
      people. In this easy course you can learn more about personal skills in
      both interviews and in general your life.

      English Grammar:
      <http://english2easy.blogspot.com/search/label/English%20Grammar> Now
      you can speak fluently without grammatical mistakes very very easy.

      English Culture:
      <http://english2easy.blogspot.com/search/label/English%20Culture> Why
      you read about English Culture or any Culture book? Oh! very good
      question.... .. You will know new information and experiences. In
      addition, It will familiarize you with this culture's language i.e

      ------------ --------- --------- --

      Other recommended sites:

      www.grammar2easy. co.cc <http://www.grammar2easy.co.cc>

      www.newdecor. co.cc <http://www.newdecor.co.cc/>

      I also recommend this sites for you:

      http://mohammad. islamway. com/ <http://mohammad.islamway.com/>

      http://www.rasoulal lah.net/index_ english.asp

      http://www.muhammad .net/ <http://www.muhammad.net/>

      http://www.prophet- of-mercy. com/ <http://www.prophet-of-mercy.com/>

      http://huda. tv/ <http://huda.tv/>

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