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  • Carla arena
    Dear all, It s just a pleasure to follow Ronaldo s enthusiasm on a daily basis. I don t know if you are aware, but we work together, side by side! It s a lot
    Message 1 of 69 , Mar 29, 2009
      Dear all,

      It's just a pleasure to follow Ronaldo's enthusiasm on a daily basis. I
      don't know if you are aware, but we work together, side by side! It's a lot
      of fun, and we plan some projects together.

      As for the aggregator for webheads' class blogs, Sasha and Ronaldo, it's
      also in Pageflakes.

      There are many tabs there many things webheads' related.

      I've just added one for Collaborative Projects.

      To add or edit anything there, just go to http://pageflakes.com
      email: brazilargentina@...
      password: webheads

      I'll be following you! And hope you have a wonderful joint project with my
      buddy Ronaldo.


      http://collablogatorium.blogspot.com (new explorations!)

      On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 9:22 AM, Ronaldo Lima, Jr. <ronaldo.limajr@...
      > wrote:

      > Sophie and Sanja,
      > I'm glad you liked the idea and are ethusiastic about getting some
      > intercultural project going on here. As I mentioned in another email to
      > Nelba and Helen in Nice, I agree with Sa�a that we should aggregate our
      > class blogs somewhere to make it easier to get our students connected. In
      > the previous email I suggested creating a netvibes or pageflakes, but since
      > Sa�a also gave other great ideas and reminded us that there might be some
      > wia virtual place already created for this, I'll wait to see if anybody
      > suggests something else.
      > I'm also glad you guys liked Carla's idea for the Digital Excellence Chart,
      > it's really working with my students!
      > Well, it seems that so far we have the following teachers willing to
      > conntect their teenage students with class blogs:
      > - me in Brazil
      > - Sophie in Australia
      > - Sanja in Croatia
      > - Nelba in Argentina
      > - Helen in France
      > - Biljana in Macedonia (she contated me through my class blog, is she a
      > webhead?)
      > I'm really looking forward to seeing this intercultural project take off!
      > Kindest regards from Brazil!
      > Ronaldo
      > http://ihopeitworks.blogspot.com
      > http://twitter.com/ronaldojunior
      > ---------------------------------
      > Dear all,
      > I was just wondering, wouldn't it be nice to have some central place where
      > we would aggregate alive class blogs and webhead projects so it's easier to
      > find them when one has a minute to spare?
      > I think Tere and Daf came up with a wiki or something like this for this
      > year's BaWers interested in collaboration... Does perhaps (pardon my
      > ignorance) anything like this already exist for the wia group?
      > If not, which of the millions of webheads spaces do you think would be most
      > appropriate for something like this?
      > Another pbwiki? Webheadsinaction.org?
      > Perhaps a new tab in Carla's pageflakes (agreggates many webheads' blogs)?
      > Wouldn't it be great if we had similarly also webheads' class blogs and
      > other projects listed someplace? It would make it easier to direct our
      > students attention there to chime in, drop a comment or something...
      > What do you think?
      > Sa�a
      > p.s. Ronaldo and Carla - loved your digital excelence chart. Thanks for
      > sharing
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      > ------------------------------------
      > When replying to postings, please delete this footer and extraneous text
      > from reply BUT retain info to help retain context :-)
      > http://webheads.infoYahoo! Groups Links

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    • Seth Dickens
      Hi there Nelba! I would love to get my students to comment on your What makes Argentina Unique images. When do you think they ll be posted? I m going to add
      Message 69 of 69 , May 4, 2009
        Hi there Nelba!

        I would love to get my students to comment on your "What makes Argentina
        Unique" images. When do you think they'll be posted?

        I'm going to add your blog to our list of blogs to comment on. Look forward
        to interacting with you all!

        Seth :)

        2009/4/29 Nelba <nelbaq@...>

        > Hello, Ronaldo . Congrats on your project.
        > Here in Argentina, we are developing a blog for teenagers
        > http://jovenes4ma.motime.com
        > If you don´t mind I will ask my students "What makes Argentina unique" .
        > So, we can share images and let them show what they like about the country.
        > I invite you & your students to visit us and leave comments or participate
        > in our activities. For example: Students are introducing themselves in
        > voxpox.
        > Let's keep in contact to develop projects together. Hugs from beautiful La
        > Plata, Argentina!
        > Nelba Quintana
        > Yahoo! Cocina
        > Recetas prácticas y comida saludable
        > http://ar.mujer.yahoo.com/cocina/
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        Seth Dickens


        Thoughts and practical tips on ICT in language education:

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