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experts on teaching oral/speaking skills to seniors

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  • Aiden Yeh
    Dear All,   This is an open invitation to teacher trainers or teachers who have taught/are teaching EFL/ESL to adults (retirement age) to participate as guest
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2009
      Dear All,
      This is an open invitation to teacher trainers or teachers who have taught/are teaching EFL/ESL to adults (retirement age) to participate as guest speakers in 2 online voice conferences about  effective strategies in teaching oral/speaking skills.
      Let me briefly explain about the nature of this activity.
      As many of you probably know, I am trying (very hard) to finish my PhD studies. I started what seems to be a long journey to academic wonderland back in late 2003. After two years of LOA (leave of absence) I am finally back on the road and hitting it in full speed.
      This study looks into the  attitudes and views on professional development, and classroom practices of Taiwanese English teachers in Supplementary  schools (after-school programs or vernacularly known as buxibans). The integration of online technology and web 2.0 tools is a key element in bringing in the professional development activities.
      In addition to interviews and surveys, case studies of a small group of teachers are also included in data gathering. Case studies involved asking the teachers to participate in TPD activities i.e. action research using blogs, voice conferences with the experts, and class observations. The first case study was completed in 2005; a group of Webheads' experts in teaching EFL writing to young learners were invited to participate. Dafne, Gladys Baya, Chrissan, Teresa, Sus Nyrop, and Alejandra gladly offered their help, sharing their knowledge to this young Taiwanese EFL teacher. The session was recorded, transcribed and analyzed. The session outcome was then used to analyze the 2 classroom observations performed.
      I am now conducting my second case study. The same process is involved but this time this (new) teacher is interested in teaching oral/speaking skills to her adult students. She has started a blog and you may visit it to understand more about her teaching context (http://supplementaryschool.blogspot.com/). She is aware that her blog will be shared with others and she has expressed her willingness to participate in this project as she sees it as an invaluable experience in improving her teaching skills. She is in the process of doing her first class observation, and after that, I hope to arrange for the first live voice conference. She would like to learn more about effective strategies in teaching EFL to seniors.
      Tips, lessons, and activities contributed in this topic are highly appreciated. Your participation in this activity, no matter voluntary, is a major factor in assuring the quality of discussions and positive outcomes that will influence the future TPD activities not only for Taiwanese EFL teachers but to other NNEST teachers as well.
      The first live voice conference is going to be held sometime April 2009- right after I come back from TESOL.
      Thank you for reading this long post, and I look forward to hearing from you.
      Aiden Yeh

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