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  • bobbiewhitney
    Goodmorning group ,between the webheads and beginners I only had thirteen entries waiting for me this morning, I have one small contribution to add to the
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      Goodmorning "group",between the webheads and beginners
      I only had thirteen entries waiting for me this morning, I have one small contribution to add to the gender vocabulary--and I say this 'tongue-in cheek'. When I can't get it to do whats expected "It" becomes a damm thing--"Why wont this damm thing do what its supposed too! Bye for today-bobbiewhitney@... 13--------------------------------------------------------------
      Sorry I haven't been posting lately, but I have been having problems with my computer (neuter for me). As for gender in Spanish speaking countries, in Puerto Rico it is feminine (la computadora).

      Now that my computer is up and working again, I'll try to participate more regularly


      John H. Steele
      Prof. English Department
      University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla
      jhsteele@... http://www.eslpalace.com

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      Hi Aiden
      I do not know if it really matters, but it all depends. I can tell you that in Spanish a computer can be femenine or masculine depending on the country you are in. For example, in Spain, it is maculine: "el ordenador", while in my country, Venezuela, it is femenine: "la computadora", and I think that in other spanish speaking countries it is masculine: "el computador". In English, I would say that it is neutral (it), but it may be the case like for ships that are considered "she". Lets give the floor to the native speakers.
      By the way, being a "newby", I have not perceived that anybody in this group has proclaimed him/herself to "know all about computers" Dafne

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