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[evonline2002_webheads] Re: Amazing Technology!!!

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  • John Hibbs
    Thank you Mike. I marched in the early 60 s in Alabama, so I know something about guys like you. I did not mean to bring politics into the Webheads group. I
    Message 1 of 12 , Oct 29, 2008
      Thank you Mike. I marched in the early 60's in Alabama, so I know
      something about guys like you.

      I did not mean to bring "politics" into the Webheads group.

      I DID mean to point to incredible examples that show the power of
      customized videos. I had never seen anything quite like this

      Even my truly nerdy software gurus don't know how this was created.

      At 12:54 PM +0000 10/29/08, Michael Marzio wrote:
      >Extremely cool find, John,
      >I've avoided talking politics in the esl world for fear of alienating
      >friends, even dear friends in this community who are not voting
      >Obama. I know there is at least one, and hope this person excuses me
      >for this positive reply to your post.
      >But as a lost, idealistic civil rights worker in Alabama, during
      >summer and other school vacations in '66 and '67, I have to approve
      >of your message publicly. I feel like those efforts of so many years
      >ago are finally going to pay off.
      >Although he won't meet all - perhaps not even many - of our
      >expectations, I have a feeling he's going to bring us all a lot
      >closer on the international level. After our hoped-for victory, the
      >international cooperative spirit of the Webheads will probably
      >manifest itself within a much broader context that we haven't yet
      >--- In evonline2002_webheads@yahoogroups.com, John Hibbs
      ><skipper@...> wrote:
      >> Many of you know I'm a big Obama fan. As I know that many of you
      >are too.
      >> One reason I like this amazing man so much is that he has shown the
      >> whole wide world - or at least those who have their eyes at least
      >> partly open - the power of the Web.
      >> If you would like a recent example of this, please view this video
      > > http://tinyurl.com/6e8gop
      >> I thought about sending a few dozen of these individual Webheads;
      >> then thought -- no, they can well imagine how this "looks" when
      >> customized. And, worse, I would miss some people that would be as
      >> amazed as I was by it.
      >> Powerful, powerful stuff....of a kind that we would like to feature
      >> during those summer conferences I hope to host here in the Great
      >> Northwest (Home of the Ducks), Eugene, Oregon.
      >> Cheers..
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