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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] Using WiZiQ

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    Yes! This was another problem that I noticed.... In the recording, after I had assigned audio to an attendess and we were conversing, their responses were
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      Yes! This was another problem that I noticed....

      In the recording, after I had assigned audio to an attendess and we were conversing, their responses were heard first and my questions afterwards!
      Talk about confusion.

      Plus, the attendee's voice was very loud, while mine sounded far away.


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      I guess this would be a good place to announce that the webheads ten year
      anniversary recording has finally been processed by WiZiQ and is available
      at http://www.wiziq.com/public/session_details.aspx?detail=28810 or

      In listening to this recording I find very annoying the fact that sound is
      heard at different times by different people in a WiZiQ chat and comes out
      on the recording disjunct as well. In this recording there were some voice
      harmonies. I suppose it's amusing to hear two people singing and then a
      third person coming in a minute after the others had finished (though the
      third person was responding to what he was hearing at the time he was
      hearing it). In the recording there are many places where someone answers a
      question and a minute later someone else asks it.

      Elluminate on the other hand seems to produce fairly good recordings, and
      people in the conversation rarely note time lags in what they are hearing.

      I have no experience of losing artifacts uploaded to the presentation


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      From: "Beth Harvey" <beth@...>
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      Sent: Friday, September 26, 2008 11:33 AM
      Subject: [evonline2002_webheads] Using WiZiQ

      > Hello everyone,
      > I've taught small F2F classes in Latin for many years, but now I have
      > finally gotten over my aversion to learning more about Web 2.0
      > resources.
      > :) I have been teaching a Latin class online for a month now, and I'm
      > really enjoying it! I love the whiteboard's capabilities; the format
      > is also helping me get much more organized in my presentations. One
      > of my favorite things about online classes is the way the students
      > can only talk when you enable their audio!! :) what power :)
      > I trying to learn more about using WiZiQ, Vyew, or DimDim to teach
      > online. There are 2 issues I am trying to learn more about: Audio
      > troubles and File Uploads.
      > AFter much research and testing I decided to go with WiZiQ because
      > its recordings are so much more complete. But now I'm encountering
      > strange problems. For instance, one of the PDF uploads that I was
      > presenting didn't even show up in the recording. Another frustration
      > was that one of my .doc files simply would not show up during the
      > presentation, even tho I'd uploaded it previously. Does anyone have
      > any insights into what is going on with this?
      > AUDIO:
      > Most attendees hear the presentation just fine,
      > Sometimes one attendee's audio comes in fine--other times she might
      > lose whole sentences, even though she has a highspeed internet
      > connection. From your experience, would this be because of the
      > transmission over the lines of the internet provider or a problem on
      > her end with her computer?
      > Thanks for your time.
      > Beth
      > North Carolina
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