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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] Report on Wednesday's chat session

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  • dafne Chavez
    Hi Everybody, I lost my original report because when I tried to post it from our yahoo group site, it just disappeared in cyberspace. Here I go again... After
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 31 8:25 AM
      Hi Everybody,
      I lost my original report because when I tried to post it from our yahoo group site, it just disappeared in cyberspace. Here I go again...
      After sending a short agenda for the chat, I was prepared to chat at MSN and Yahoo. Technology had its word: my built-in mic decided to be disconnected, so we limited ourselves to tex chat.
      Instead of having a conference with a group, I had four different one-on-one chats because people showed up at different moments.
      I was visited first by Nelba from Argentina, she has just incorporated to group, so I tried to fill her in as much as I could (I had met her in November in an online course that we both attended). Then, Pete, from Greece, dropped by and I learned, among other things, that he lived in Spain for a time.Later, Maria Irene, from Venezuela, showed up and we shared our experiences in the course (I have known M.I for many years). Last, but not least, I noticed that Chris, from Barcelona, Spain, had added me to her Yahoo list, so I went to meet her. We said hello and good night to each other because it was almost midnight in Spain, with the promise for future chats.
      My reflections:
      -Agendas are not so important in our chats. As we talk about each other and what brought us here, the topics come spontaneously.
      -It is importat to keep the record of the conversations because going back to those notes we can check on links shared, on the topics that interest people more, etc.
      -I met Ismail a week ago, in a chat and we have been chatting spontaneously. I n these chats we have reflected about these sessions: members interaction, the role of the group coordinator, what we have learned about establishing online communities, and so forth.
      -Through Vance (in a chat) I met Yaodong, a Chinese teacher who invited me to visit his virtual office in a MOO environment like Tapped In, where I had the opportunity to talk to a bot (first time in my life) that kept complaining because Don and I were LOL at him.
      -All of these are learning experiences (for a newbie like me) that I would have missed if I had not participated in the chats offered (including chaos navigation and multitasking).
      That's all for now, I am having another chat today from 20:00 to 22:00 (GMT) at Yahoo (dygonza) or MSN(dygonza@...) you are all invited.
      see U all,

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