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evaluating Hallowebheads

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  • s.nyrop@get2net.dk
    Vance [dragon fire] says: We DID use webcams, didn t we. It turned into an interesting evening. First there was the Halloween party, with everyone in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2002
      Vance [dragon fire] says: We DID use webcams, didn't we.
      It turned into an interesting evening. First there was the
      Halloween party, with everyone in costume. Then
      Christopher showed us video (and sound) clips of him
      performing in costume at a Halloween party as a member of
      a rock band, and then Webheads got out their web cams
      AND guitars and started jamming around the world.

      Susanne [dressed up as an ugly old hag, with a fake fur, a
      scarf hiding my face, and my best hat]: Oh yes, I sure
      loved webcamming like this. It was fun, it was inventive, and
      it was an important experiment to use cams, not only for
      gazing at talking heads (or typing, bent over the keyboard),
      but also consider ourselves as performing players, sharing a
      virtual space. Just imagine what difference that will make, in
      case you have students (or educators) who are better off
      with gestures, images and sound than texts, and all the
      imformation you may get from the artifacts we may
      demonstrate and the surroundings that we as people act and
      work within.

      Although my own connection did not allow me to have more
      than one webcam window (that was Chris, in his smartass
      hat and a still brighter sm, as the fun went on). And I lost my
      connection several times, too. But from the lively and
      engaged text chat report in Tapped In, I still felt a legitimate
      participant, and was inspired by others performances to
      clown a little in front of my webcam, too. I had even made
      an all red background in my room with a large table cloth on
      the wall, in an effort to make a quieter scenery. Some of
      you may even have remarked how I cut a green paper mask
      with my scissors explicity registered by the webcam? That
      was fine training!

      I'll find those screendumps and mail them to Vance
      tomorrow - they're hiding well somewhere on my harddisk.

      Next Sunday we might try to meet in http://www.ivisit.com
      with our webcams (or even without, just looking at the fun?)
      It works fine for me with more connections and sound, too.
      Their newest version of the iVisit software has solved
      some problems, their live helpdesk is very helpful, and they
      do have lots of helpfiles, and a list of FAQ (Frequently Asked
      Questions) http://www.iVisithelp.com

      (More about how to get there later - we need to meet in the
      same chatroom and it can be a little tricky but not impossible
      to find out how to get there for the first time.)
      Do we have a music theme for our jam session?


      I sure hope that our new members did have some fun, too; I
      admit that I was far too selfish, busy experimenting with
      webcam, costumes and requisites to be helpful. But we got
      very engaged in guessing the true identity of Zack from
      Taiwan, a true brainteasing riddle :-)

      Please share your opinions with us about this kind of
      get-together. Did you like it or not? Did you learn anything
      new? Did you find your way to participate, or was it too

      WebMail fra Tele2 http://www.tele2.dk
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